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Number 13 tattoo meaning

The number 13 is considered unlucky. In many European countries there is no thirteenth floor, that is, after 12 is 14 minutes. The apartment with the number thirteen is also difficult to find. Houses may be numbered 12/1, 12/2, then 14. In America, formed a similar ratio to the number of 13. In Russia, too, 13 is considered unlucky and often called «baker’s dozen» . For a long time there was a superstition that if a table will gather thirteen people, over the next year from the present one dies. The 13 Tarot arcane means death. The same number was favorable in Maya.

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Many are skeptical of this figure, considering all the speculation about her usual superstition. Connoisseurs of tattoo art, mostly believe that the value of the tattoo number 13 is as follows. There is no negative number does not bear the load, as was commonly believed. It is a kind of protest against the superstitions and their impact on human life. Very often, this tattooed on the contrary makes its possessor happier.

The tattoo marks in different styles. This may be the usual numbers and can be stylized image. Tattoo 13 looks good made in the Gothic style. This work is considered to be a universal, mostly done in black, less image color and harmoniously fit into the picture.

The picture looks good on any body part. The number without additional components looks good on your wrist or on the back of the neck . As the composition element figure depicted with a skull, wings, at least — as the number of animals or form player favorite sport. The tattoo is very popular, because, according to its owners, it brings good luck, and serves as a talisman against enemies and black magic.

With a photo tattoo number 13 can be found in our collection.

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Photos and designs

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