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Oak Tattoo — for strong body and spirit

It is well known that the tree does not bear drawing negative energy, but on the contrary, bears a positive charge, it symbolizes the continuing work on the spiritual growth, the development of inner peace and perfection in various spheres of life. Accepted divide trees into «male» and «female.» For example, a tattoo of oak is considered the right choice for a strong spirit, a powerful body, self-confidence of men.

In fact, the Christians for centuries oak symbolized power , the courage, resilience, unparalleled strength and stamina. It is understandable that such qualities are mostly have real men, and therefore quite justified to consider the tattoo in the form of oak «male» pattern.

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And the presence of a huge number of tree fruits, acorns, symbolically emphasizes the fertility of men and their desire to continue their kind. For good reason the ancient oak acorns and seeds were considered to be talismans and amulets. That is why our ancestors with their help, produced a kind of amulets that hung at the entrance to the home, thus protecting it from penetration of the bad people and evil spirits.

What is the oak symbolizing in different nations of the world

In ancient Greece, constant companions image Artemis (goddess of hunting) were acorns. It was believed that the more acorns will of the goddess, the more successful will be the hunting of wild animals. In ancient Rome, the oak was given a leading position — in fact ancient chariot could roll a strong body and spirit of man. The excavations of the ancient pharaohs confirm focus image of oak on necklaces, rings and rings.

Extant hieroglyphs ancient painting suggests that the oak tattoo adorned Sparta Warriors body. Although these figures are temporary and are applied using natural vegetable dyes, but, nevertheless, it was a kind of prototype of the modern tattoo. Today, the value of the tattoo oak, though based on the ancient traditions, but also acquires and features of the modern world. This picture today is chosen not only men but also women. On the fragile female body figure looks a mighty tree in a special way, but, nevertheless, its symbolism does not suffer. After all, the possessor of such tattoos promises success in all its endeavors, the establishment of a reliable robust hospitable family with many children.

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Photos and designs

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