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Octopus tattoo meanings

Octopus — mysterious, almost mythical creatures, which are associated with many legends and ancient tales. In the culture of the people living along the coasts, they are often identified with the masters of the ocean depths. Sometimes this sea creature associated with the underworld, so the tattoo octopus belongs to the evil, demonic style leather jewelry.

The main message that carries this tattooed — hope of immortality and rebirth , inherent octopus: the animals have three hearts and can grow lost limbs.

Цветной-рисунок-тату-осьминог Тату-с-осьминогом-на-боку Тату-с-зеленым-осьминогом Тату-осьминог-эскиз тату-осьминог-по-всей-спине Тату-осьминог-не-шее-девушки Тату-осьминог-на-пояснице Тату-осьминог-на--бицепсе Тату-осьминог-на-бедре Тату-осьминог-во-всю-спину

History of marine tattoos

Tattoo octopus and other inhabitants of the deep sea image became famous thanks to the sailors — superstitious people who believed that such amulets are a reliable protection against the vagaries of various water element or shipwreck. That expedition researcher Glen Cook Islands Polynesia to give new impetus to the development of art «ta-ttau», significantly expanding the possibilities of representation of Europeans on the decoration of the body and the different patterns, which carries the meaning of a particular image.

Besides the main promise of immortality, such tattooed is identified with wisdom, eternity, variability, resourcefulness, strength of will . Another original meaning of a tattoo Octopus — is reflected in the twisted tentacles inexorable movement of time. At the same time a picture is versatile — it can be given exactly the value that you are investing in it. Those. Octopus can be depicted as a positive shade and creepy monster from the deep sea.

Features ideas for design

tattoo masters love this picture for its rich palette of creative solutions for dyeing and applications of various additional elements of drawing. Tattoos in the form of an octopus — it is a rare image that attracts attention by its uniqueness. The most preferred places for printing are:

  • back;
  • shoulders;
  • forearm.

It is enough to look spectacular tentacles being realistic covering the human body, giving a frightening kind of headdress. Another popular option is the lord of the depths that something holds in its tentacles, as well as its combination with other existing or background depicting a specific portion of the life of inhabitants of the ocean.

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