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OM symbol in tattoos

The modern world is characterized by the rapid pace of life, a lot of information, stressful situations. Many are looking for tranquility and balance through spiritual teachings, which in today’s world a lot. One of the most popular are Buddhism and Hinduism. The characters of these exercises are great for tattoo important to choose the right value and location on the body. When deciding to make a tattoo is important to remember, its impact on the owner of life directly depends on what the meaning of it is put into it.

Om — the most ancient and famous symbol of exercises based on Buddhism and Hinduism. It has many meanings, often religious.

  • The first part is the sound of Om mantra that created all living things.

  • For the tattoo Om used its graphic representation consisting of a combination of three letters and images on them with the point of a half moon. There are many translations, having a value of «true», «so be it».

  • Om tattoo carries a value of great strength, control the universe, protecting from harm, guides believers to enlightenment and knowledge.

  • One of the varieties of interpretation Om tattoo is associated with sound decoding spell — AUM. The letter A stands for vigilance, and it is connected with God Brahma. The letter U is due to God Vishnu and represents the mind and dreams with dreams. The letter M is associated with God Shiva and represents the spirit and dreams without dreams. However, the letters represent the perfect man.

  • Tattoo Om sign (AUM) represents the masculine, feminine and neuter, and collectively all animate and inanimate, that God created.

  • Symbol Om helps, protects, saves in desperate situations.

  • It symbolizes the upward movement, the Sun, the desire of the soul to the higher realms.

To use the symbol tattoos in the singular or in combination. To reflect the personality you can create your own sketch of tattoo ohms. Many photos show use of the mark in combination with flowers, ornaments, rings.

The first thing to remember about the sacred meaning of the symbol. Making tattoo ohms only on the upper part of the body. Suitable is for both men and women. The picture Om sign tattoos can be seen that it looks great in black and white and colorful version.

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