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Orchid tattoo meanings

Here is one of the most prominent representatives of Color Tattoo. Orchid is considered one of the most amazing plants on the planet. In addition to the incredible appearance for many centuries embodied the woman’s beauty, sexuality and love, they are a powerful force and energy of the East. Not surprisingly, today orchid tattoo is a favorite decoration of many followers of art underwear painting.


In Eastern culture, this flower symbolizes the wealth and luxury . Another meaning orchid tattoo — fertility, prosperity. In Vietnam, it is the main symbol of spring, a kind of female talisman that protects and guards its possessor. Some girls put such images on the body on the eve of the wedding, blessing himself in a similar way to a strong and lasting relationship with your loved one. This gives a very positive picture of harmony, balance, peace of mind.

In any tattoo with the image colors have connotations associated with the process of flowering, blooming bud. With such a symbol on the skin, the girls sometimes easier to feel their sexuality, tenderness and easier to discover their dignity.

It’s no secret that there are dozens of species of orchids, each of which has its own color, shape and size in the world. Of course, tattoo fans will say that any flowers, including orchids, will look better on a large area of ​​the body, although a small pattern on the upper arm or foot looks stylish. Jam speak for everyone, but in my opinion, orchid flower tattoo on the foot is the most common form of placement of this symbol on the body.

ran through sketches and photos of tattoos in the form of orchids can be seen that often in the back or abdomen represent several flowers. Furthermore, one can come up with an infinite number of tattoos embodiments with additional elements as water, various insects, animals or birds. Each character will bring additional value. Want to know how? Ask in the comments!


Beauty, love, purity


Youth, beauty, transience of life

Photos and designs

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