34 Origami Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Origami tattoo meanings

Origami — the Japanese art of making figures of paper, which has an ancient history. Influence of Japanese Culture on the art of tattoos can be traced in many currents. And this was no exception. For a long time tattoo Origami meant belong to one of the clans. Who is this symbolism thing of the past.

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First of all, the image of paper crafts look cute and original. they carry a meaning very rare. The only thing that unites the owners of the tattoo — it increased interest in the culture of the East . In determining the value of the duality of the tattoo can be traced, as she plays the role of a figure, and the fact that it is made of paper.

The image of paper figures endowed with a certain philosophical meaning. Such a tattoo done by people that can see the diversity of the world. They are prone to deep feelings and are constantly in search of the truth. Many are involved with laconic forms tattoo and its self-sufficiency.

The value of individual origami figures tattoo

  1. Flower — symbolizes the ability to see beauty in various forms
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  3. Zhuravel — means trying to live in peace and be good to people
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  5. Butterfly — symbolizes the tenderness and vulnerability of human nature
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To create these figures out of paper required certain skills, a wealth of imagination and perseverance. These features can be easily transferred to the owner of the tattoo.

Tattoo origami are of interest in both sexes. The only difference is in the choice of figures and tattoo size. Women mostly choose flowers, birds or animals. Men opt for engineering or animals that have such features as strength, power, endurance. Tattoos may be made with black paint. This highlights its concise and severity of forms.

These images are small. At the same time, dimensions can be very different when performing color drawings. Most often, the image of craft paper is applied to the hip, back, shoulder, arms, neck. It may be some figures on a blurred background and quite complex compositions. Often they are applied along with flowers, intricate lines and patterns.

Well done tattoo clearly show the high professionalism of the master, as a newbie can be difficult to put on the body smooth contours of which actually consists pattern.

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Photos and designs

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