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Palm tattoo meanings

Originally palm perpetuated on his body as the memories of the sailors that they have visited many exotic countries. Now tattoos with this plant and make those prefers to holiday in hot countries . Palma — quite an interesting tree. The image does not sense the load is applied and is likely due to beauty than for other reasons. Search for a single value is useless, because different people have different attitudes to this tree.

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Several values ​​palm tattoo

  • exotic tree symbolizes the victory, glory, rejoicing because of the fact that the tree always grows smoothly and is not affected by the drought and strong winds. The plant is suitable for people who are not accustomed to give in to difficulties.

  • The plant is masculine and symbolize strength and fertility. If the tree shows the dates, it becomes a symbol of the feminine principle.

  • the plant is considered a symbol of longevity, because it can grow more than one hundred years.

  • in Christianity depicted with palm dates, which means immortality, rebirth.

  • palm branches symbolizing victory over death and sinfulness.

Palm is more suited to women because its trunk is often associated with a graceful maiden mill and dates — with the female breast as a symbol of fertility. For a long time the Catholics used exotic tree at the burial as a sign that they are not afraid of death.

The specific use of palms in tattoos is that the tree does not show the standing alone . The tattoo is applied to the upper arm, the back, in the area of ​​the blades on the hip, on the leg. Palm trees look good as well as black and white in color. Dimensions are determined by placement.

Tattoo tree does not bear the negative energy, therefore, wishing to perpetuate the rest and passion warm countries, you can safely apply this image.


Love or separation

Татуировка лес на спине

Finding the way

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Photos and designs

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