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Panda tattoo meanings

What comes to mind when the word Panda ? Definitely, something good, soft, warm. Pandas are more like plush toys, impregnated positive and children’s smiles than actual inhabitants of the wild forest. Surprisingly, tattoo panda is not uncommon, both in the West and in the East, including in the countries of the former Soviet Union, where these animals do not live.

Татуировка-панда-на-спине Татуировка-панда-самурай Маленькая-тату-панда Смешная-тату-панда Тату-жующая-панда

Meaning tattoo panda can be interpreted in several ways. Let’s start with the fact that they are an integral part of China’s cultural tradition. By the way, this picture is often supplemented with Chinese characters. ailuridae diplomacy — it was under this name went down in history of international relations process where the allies of China in recognition of the good intentions and were given the rare species of animals


For this reason or not, but the tattoo with the image of pandas today represent a strong friendship . bamboo bear , is another interesting name, logo adorns Wildlife Fund, and is thus a symbol of the fighters for the preservation and protection of rare species of animals. I do not know whether people are doing tattoos out of sympathy for the flora and fauna, but admit that it is quite possible. In addition, these cute little animals feed exclusively on plant foods, which makes them virtually an idol for vegetarians and vegans.

In the Russian language the word Panda is feminine, but a tattoo with the image of this animal suitable and the girl and the guy. It describes its owner as a good, thoughtful, relaxing a man who knows what friendship and compassion. Image panda emphasize identity, the presence of a rich inner world. I think that will not be mistaken if we assume that the tattoo with panda is able to convey a spiritual man peace and harmony, clear thoughts and help find the right way.

The artists in most cases represent a panda in black and white colors. Many prefer to do a small tattoo as a symbol of protection of wildlife fund, known around the world. And lastly, as always, a couple of sketches and photos. Friends, leave your opinion in the comments and be with us.

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Photos and designs

Татуировка-с-пандой-на-ноге Тату-кунг-фу-панда Тату-панда-и-бамбук Татуировка-панда-с-пирожным Татуировка-с-пандами Тату-панда-на-руке Тату-панда-с-бамбуком-на-руке Тату-панда-на-веточке Тату-панда-на-лопатке Тату-панда-на-пояснице Тату-с-пандой-на-плече Тату-панда-с-листком Тату-панды-на-лопатке

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