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Panther tattoo meanings

The word «panther» has long been a household name and is used to describe a beautiful, sexy and treacherous woman. The grace and agility of a cat appreciated and acknowledged at all times. Despite the fact that it is a symbol of ethnic women, the Panthers are inherent and masculine traits, such as self-leader, furious hunter and powerful vitality. Therefore, the first value of a panther tattoo — inherent in all cats grace and flexibility, coupled with the incredible energy and wild beauty .

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In ancient times, some thought a black cat only creature that is able to confront the dragon. She attributed supernatural powers and magical powers. Panthers — unsurpassed hunters. They can easily be chosen to silently goals and quickly rush to the prey. This feature attracts and tattoo lovers who want to transfer the plot similar to the skin. The ancient Maya erected totems in the form of predators, including their wise strategy.

There are quite contradictory value panther tattoo, come down to us from ancient Greece. It was considered that the predator patron saint of drunken gatherings , and was a faithful companion of Dionysus — the god of wine. Perhaps it was the Greeks enraged Panther compared with aggression drunken man. This feature was the cause of the negative perception of black cats in some Asian countries, such as China.

There are several popular photo and thumbnail panther tattoos. Predator in the jump with open mouth symbolizes ferocity, aggression, cruelty to the enemy, the power and strength. Crouching Panther carries a feminine energy: elegance, grace, flexibility, and at the same time cunning and readiness for sudden release.


Tattoo with the image of a panther is perfect for confident people are not afraid of difficulties and willing to stand up for themselves in any situation. Images of cats are traditionally more suited to girls. An important feature of this art of tattoo if you decide to put this story, do not skimp on the size of the tattoo


Traditionally portrayed black panther, and with the size of a cigarette pack picture will simply merge. Therefore, it is best to look like a panther tattoo on his shoulder, back, ribs, stomach, and sometimes on the thigh. At what point would you like to wear the image of a black cat? Write in the comments!

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Fearlessness, militancy, violence


Pride, willfulness, feminine

Photos and designs

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