31 Parrot Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Parrot tattoo meanings

Today, the image of the bright exotic bird looks at us, not only from the pages of children’s books and travel posters. Tattoo parrot decorates fans stand out from the crowd with the help of artistic tattoos.


Ask your friends what associations arise at the mention of this southern birds? Certainly for many parrot it is primarily a symbol of fun and lightheartedness. Parrots — great imitators, able to repeat and imitate human speech, playful pets that are not allowed to miss their owners


Others will say that the value of the parrot tattoo to be found in literature and cinema, where the whimsical bird is an attribute of the pirates, witches or shamans. Some ancient legends contain a description of where the parrot used as a means of communication with the spirits. In any case, the parrot tattoo is perfect for a fun, carefree nature, enjoy life. The owner of a tattoo charming, optimistic and original . What do you think about the ideal place for such tattoos? Write in the comments!


Vanity, narcissism, arrogance


The ease, lightness, of freedom

Photos and designs

Красивая-тату-попугай Татуировка-попугаи Татуировка-попугай Татуировка-попугай-на-руке Татуировка-попугай-на-лопатке Татуировка-попугайчики-на-руке Татуировка-с-попугаем-на-руке Тату-попугайчик-на-локте Тату-с-попугаем Фото-тату-попугаи-на-лопатке Фото-тату-попугай Эскиз-тату-попугай Эскиз-тату-попугай-на-ветке

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