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Peacock tattoo meanings

In the culture of underwear painting occupy a special place tattoos peacock and peacock feather. About these birds makes no sense to talk for a long time because of their unusual appearance much more interesting than any hidden meanings and associations. Unconditional admired tattoo enthusiasts is the incredible beauty of the tail, which its size exceeds the size of the bird. Such a tattoo on the body of a girl much to allocate it to the background of the surrounding, will provide an additional grace and sophistication. Yet we talk about ways that may contain this pattern.

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In most cases, Peacock brings positive energy — it is considered a symbol of nobility, grandeur, and even immortality. The beauty of the peacock was valued at all times — such birds were kept mostly senior gentlemen and nobles as a luxury item. Therefore, when referring to these wonderful creatures before his eyes the image stands for something grand and unattainable. In the Western culture, on the contrary: the miracle-bird sometimes seen as the personification of excessive vanity, narcissism, arrogance and arrogance


Of particular importance is the tattoo peacock feather. In the East a pen served as a reward and a sign of recognition of service to the emperor. On this side, this tattoo can symbolize wealth, recognition, belonging to the elite . On the other, it is a feather lightness, airiness, the embodiment of tenderness, for which valued the fair sex. By the way, pay attention to the tattoo with the dogs, it’s fun!


Summing up, the peacock tattoo suit extraordinary thinking and loving people to stand out from the crowd. That’s right, mostly holders of such wearable paintings — women. And yes, most of the peacock is portrayed in all its glory: a full-back, on the stomach or from the chest to the hips. Tattoo Peacock Feather can be placed almost anywhere, but the most popular is undoubtedly the forearm.

Another remarkable art piece is the color. Peacocks, perhaps the most beautiful bird of all. The tail feathers and, as a rule, represented by shades of green, and the bird’s body — shades of red, blue and other colors. Carefully consider your sketch before you go to the master, and it will help in our small collection of sketches and photos of tattoo peacock and peacock feather. How do you? Write in the comments!

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Prosperity, well-being


Fun, lighthearted, humorous

Photos and designs

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