35 Penguin Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Penguin tattoo meanings

Penguin is used in tattoo representatives of both sexes. Antarctic birds are carried in different ways, depending on what the meaning of their owner invests in the image. Love penguins distinguishes man sincere, tend to trust others . It is often used by birds from the cartoon, which give the image of a kind of reverie.

The word «penguin» is often used in prison headdresses. It stands for «I’m sorry, and do not be sad, guilty look is not necessary.»

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If a man has no relation to the area, it is possible to lay out its meaning in a tattoo. After Penguins — a proud and wayward bird. It will add zest to the female wrist. The tattoo is no different intricacy and complexity of the application, but this lovely picture will be stylish and current decoration. Tattoos will be a nice complement to the image of the evening. Also funny picture will always cheer up the owner and others. In addition, it is possible to come up with their fun value tattoo penguin.

Cartoon character and is considered to be masculine and feminine at the same time, it all depends on the size, shape and appearance of the bird. Men often prefer to put realistic images, while women choose cartoon characters.

As mentioned above, the value of penguin tattoos can come up with on their own. It does not necessarily have to have a deeper meaning. Enough of the role in his life a person devotes to the image. Tattoo with the image of a penguin primarily is applied to the wrist, upper arm, shoulder blade . Most often you can observe color options. A typical choice is to use the color black back, white belly and legs with yellow beak. You can meet and pattern of a bird circuit. Some prefer to depict penguins in the style of the old school.

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The ability to adapt to any conditions


Freedom, optimism, love for life

Photos and designs

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