22 Pentagram Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Pentagram tattoo meanings

Image pentagram belongs to one of the most mysterious characters in the history of art underwear painting. Considered a sign of fairly well-known to fans of the occult, and has a wide range of properties.

It is believed that its origins lie in ancient Mesopotamia, where it was first seen about four years ago. Experts suggest that in this figure shows the trajectory of the planet Venus.

The basic meaning of the pentagram tattoo — religious. It was a symbol of secret societies and magical powers, a kind of protective talisman, and also served as a strong seal against the actions of the evil forces.

preserved tradition, according to which the pentagram is identified with the image of the goddess Kore, and each of its sides had their significance. Namely, earth, fire, air, water and spirit. The circle is a symbol of the image of God, which brings wisdom and protection. Over the past few centuries, this sign was known to many people and therefore has many different interpretations.

Tattoo pentagram contains both positive and negative characteristics, it all depends on the location of its vertices. If the figure is directed upward, so good, down — the evil


In conclusion, we can say that a pentagram — an ancient and powerful symbols, symbolizing the superiority, leadership, health and youth . Look carefully at the pictures and sketches tattoo with the image of that mark.

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Depending on the shape of a star


Universe, Upland, philosophy

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Photos and designs

Эскиз-тату-пентаграмма-на-спину Фото-тату-пентаграммы-на-шею Татуировка-пентаграмма-эскиз Тату-пентаграмма-на-запястье-руки Татуировка-пентаграмма-на-ягодице Цветной-эскиз-тату-пентаграмма Тату-с-пентаграммой-на-животе Тату-пентаграмма-в-виде-солнца Тату-пентаграмма-на-ладони Тату-пентаграмма-в-кино Татуировка-пентаграмма-на-лопатке Пентаграмма-на-спине-в-виде-жарптицы Эскиз-пентаграммы-в-дотворке Маленькая-тату-пентаграмма-на-запястье Татуировка-с-пентагарммой Эскиз-тату-в-виде-пентаграммы Эскиз-татуировки-пентаграмма Тату-пентаграмма-на-спине Татуировка-пентаграмма-на-руке-мужчины Татуировка-пентаграмма-на-плече Тату-пентаграмма-на-запястье Тату-Пентаграмма-на-груди-девушки Красивая-тату-в-виде-пентаграммы Татуировка-пентаграмма-на-запястье Эскиз-тату-пентаграммы Тату-пентаграмма-эскиз Фото-татуировки-пентаграмма Расшифровка-пентаграммы

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