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Peony tattoo meanings

His name shall peony god-healer — a paean that Greek means «the giver of light.» This is the beginning of man’s sunny. Peony, in contrast, rose from his rival, considered a male flower. It represents a symbol of longevity, because it can grow in one place for many years, and he is not afraid of Siberian cold or tropical heat. This is a very colorful flowers of different colors, for which it is often used in tattoos.

Peony famous in many countries, and even rose eclipsed by his fame. Truly, this is the royal flower. We will try to walk only a few values ​​and learn about how people treated him in different parts of the world.


In China, peonies grown 1,500 years. This is a favorite national flower. If the Chinese peonies gave you, you can be sure that they want to well-being, wealth, prosperity and that the goddess of fortune Benten turned his gaze on you.

The Chinese divine flowers adorn the clothes, utensils, mural. Peonies were very expensive. Behind the bush was given three kilos of gold. It was believed that they grow only in successful and wealthy people.

The Chinese have a lot of different beautiful legends about the pions. In one of them tells about one fortunate gardeners who led an incredibly beautiful variety. Of course, immediately I found the envious Prince, who decided to harm the protagonist. Gardener bitterly watched as the dastardly royal offspring of trampling his treasure, but a miracle happened — all the peonies have become the girls. They waved and blew sleeved unfortunate prince. He rose into the air and fell to his death.


The ancient Romans considered the personification of peonies smugness and pomposity.


In India, in its own way belong to this beautiful flower — believe that it symbolizes the awkwardness and pride



In Japan, as in China, peony brings wealth and good fortune . Its value can vary depending on what other elements in a drawing associated flower — the dragon, tiger, panda. The value of the peony tattoos can be a risk, heroism, courage, light attitude towards life and the lack of fear of death.



In Asian countries peony personified spring and female beauty . He is symbolized as a happy marriage. In addition, for Asians it is a symbol of ambition, determination and compassion.


In Europe, peonies called roses without thorns and is sometimes associated with the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Like any flower picture peony tattoo can decorate any part of the body. Small flower behind the ear or colorful bouquet on the thigh — it all depends on the future objectives of the owner. In the end, as usual, we present to you our collection of photos and sketches tattoo with peonies!

Тату в виде чертополоха


тату ирис 27

The value depends on the color

Photos and designs

ЧБ татуировка пион на спине Цветная татуировка пион Фото тату пион на боку Татуировка пион Татуировка пион на ступне Татуировка пион на пояснице Татуировка пион на боку Татуировка пион на боку Тату пион на бедре девушки Тату пион на бедре девушки Рукав с татуировкой пион Рукав в виде пионов Реалистичная тату пион Реалистичная тату пион на руке Перекрытие татуировкой пион Пион Большая татуировка пион Эскиз татуировки пиона Эскиз татуировки пион Эскиз татуировки пион Эскиз тату с пионом Эскиз с пионами Эскиз пиона

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