21 Pepper Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Pepper tattoo meanings

Tattoo in the form of pepper is most common on the back, neck, arms, chest, or abdomen males. Women also do this kind of tattoo, however, try to choose a place where the picture will hide clothing.

In general, the size of the tattoo pepper does not exceed 10-12 cm, and the color palette consists of 3 to 10 shades. Very popular tattoos with pepper, made in 3D — with proper experience with the master, this figure is virtually impossible to distinguish from the real seasoning.

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Who fills those paintings

Images of red burning pepper often chosen by people:

  • whose profession is associated with greater risk, danger to life.

  • Which does not lack self-confidence.

  • who want to decorate their bodies and spicy spectacular figure.

It is worth noting that every owner of a tattoo pepper puts its own meaning, and the complement of the basic idea of ​​any inscriptions and other elements help to make special and unique tattoo. For example, often performs pepper paired with skulls part of the hose or other scale tattoos.

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Photos and designs

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