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Pigeon tattoo meaning

Golub — another bird that is very popular among lovers of tattoos. Several centuries ago, they were postal employees, and the appearance of the bird on the horizon was identified expectation of good news. Newlyweds releasing white doves as a sign of love and devotion to each other. After the Second World War dove emblem adorned the World Peace Congress. Thus, it is easy to understand that a dove — shaped a symbol of peace and goodness


An interesting fact: in the west of the dove tattoo is more common in men, while in the post-Soviet space — in women. In Japan, there is a long kind of symbolism: the male bird symbolizes war, and female — its ending


The tattoo with the image of a dove for many has sexual overtones. With cooing pigeons often compared to intimate conversations between lovers. On the other hand, according to the Christian canon, they represent purity and innocence of the soul, but also symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

It is noteworthy that sometimes the bird is depicted with a twig in his mouth, which gives an extra sense of tattoos. Meaning tattoo in the form of a dove with a palm branch in his beak — the victory over death, with an olive — hope. From the artistic point of view, the dove will look great on almost any part of the body: three-dimensional image of the entire chest or back, and can be a small picture of the size of a cigarette pack on the forearm or neck. It all depends on personal preference. At the end of the article as usual a few sketches and photo dove tattoos.

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Freedom, fidelity

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The wisdom, longevity, dark forces

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