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Piranha tattoo meanings

Piranha — a very dangerous predatory fish. It is noteworthy that they fly in flocks. Usually fish tattoos have positive energy. With them is associated wealth, luck, prosperity. In some countries, the fish symbolize the souls of dead relatives. However, piranhas can not be equated in meaning to the rest of the fish. Piranha characteristic powerful jaws and teeth dangerous. These predators are able, they gathered in flocks, demolish everything in its path. This symbol of destructive and overwhelming force.

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Image predator approach people who are different strong-willed character and propensity to overcome any obstacles. It is also a symbol of the physically and morally strong person. Determination and perseverance allows us to achieve such heights of people, both in the professional field as well as in personal life. They did stop at nothing until they get their way. Such people are hard to contradict. They do not understand the failure, and it all comes down to the fact that a person gets what he wants, in spite of everything.

If you dig deeper, the piranha is considered a sort of protector of motivated individuals. These tattoos are not suitable for people who do not have strong leadership data.

The fish can be displayed in different angles. To a determination and ability to not give in to stress can be more difficult to , stuffed piranhas with his mouth open. The aggressiveness of the fish, its readiness for an attack will testify that all will be as it wants people with piranha.

It is not accepted to represent the pack of piranhas. This is purely a man’s tattoo. The shape and color may be different. Tattoo piranha is applied to the shoulder, upper arm, thigh, at least — on the back. The meaning of such tattoos to push its owner to achieve new heights, while showing others that contradict useless.


Undaunted, cunning, power, danger


Wisdom, eternity, variability

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