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Researchers of tattoo art claim that the history of tattooing is dozens of thousands of years old. One of the first proofs of the existence of ancient body inking is considered to be the excavation of Egyptian pyramids, where mummies, entirely covered with bizarre pictures, were found. Since ordinary mortals weren’t buried in the pyramids, and only pharaohs and their associates were buried there, we can make a conclusion that tattoos were the privilege of the people of the upper class in ancient times.

As for contemporary artistic tattoos, the flowering of the art of body inking occurred at the end of the 19th century, when the first tattoo machine was invented in America. After that, a tattoo has ceased to be a privilege or a special mark – anyone, who felt like it, started to adorn themselves with bright pictures. This is the reason why people ink some special symbols less and less often. You can say that nowadays it is an extraordinary way to make yourself more attractive and mysterious. Nevertheless, some connoisseurs of this ancient art form still want the pictures on their body to be endowed with the meaning particularly significant for them. For example, the zodiac sign has not the least influence on the fate and nature of a person, if s/he believes in it. Today, we’ll figure out the meaning of tattoos with Pisces zodiac sign.


Every zodiac sign has its own unique story, connected with myths of ancient Greece. And Pisces is no exception. According to ancient Greek myths, the origin of Pisces is connected with the touching and sad story of love of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite and her mortal lover, the brave Adonis.
The goddess Aphrodite was born from sea foam. She got ashore for the first time on the island of Cyprus. No wonder the second nickname of the goddess of love and fertility is Cypris. After learning of the wonderful birth of the young Aphrodite, the gods graciously invited her to live on Mount Olympus next to Zeus the Thunderer and other gods. However, the beautiful Aphrodite missed her native land so much that every year she returned there again and again. There she met her first love, the young prince Adonis.

Young people were enchanted with each other so much and so desperately in love with each other that they couldn’t even imagine living separately. Aphrodite knelt and prayed that the gods were merciful and didn’t interfere with the love of the young goddess and mere mortal. Almighty gods took pity upon the young ones and agreed. However, the goddess of hunting and chastity, Artemis, made one condition – they shouldn’t ride hogs.

Once, when lovers were strolling along the seashore, they were attacked by a vile sea monster, Typhon, who always wanted to get Aphrodite. By the will of the patron of the seas, Poseidon, a couple of lovers turned into two quick-moving fish, which rushed to the sea abyss and deftly escaped the lustful monster. Since then, Pisces zodiac sign is represented by two fish that swim in different directions, but still stick together.

But nevertheless, Adonis got into trouble, although he definitely remembered the order of Artemis and didn’t ride hogs. By the wicked irony of fate, the young prince was killed by a huge boar, against which Adonis didn’t dare take up his spear. The inconsolable goddess Aphrodite bitterly mourned the death of her lover, and the omnipotent gods took pity on her. The Supreme God of Olympus Zeus the Thunderer ordered Hades to let Adonis out of the realm of the dead every year so that he could see his beloved. Since then, every time Adonis leaves the realm of shadows for the realm of light and meets Aphrodite, nature rejoices and spring comes, then it is replaced by a hot summer.

Копия-рыбы Тату-в-виде-знака-зодиака-рыбы-с-изображениями Тату-знак-зодиака-рыба-на-шее Татуировка-знак-зодиака-рыбы Татуировка-знак-зодиака-рыбы-на-запястье


The zodiac image of the constellation is represented by two fish, floating in different directions, but holding together. The tattoo will look harmonious if the style, in which it is inked, will correspond to the characteristics of this sign: it will reflect compliance, lack of aggression, rest. We’ll consider the most suitable stylistic solutions for the image of Pisces zodiac sign.


The technique of watercolors is relatively new in tattoo art and was first used by the artist Amanda Wachob. The similarity of tattoos in watercolor style to children’s paintings with watercolors is simply amazing. There is tenderness, cleanliness, and openness. Style doesn’t stand sharp color transitions and clearly defined edges of the picture. The image may be of completely different sizes — from very small to very large. The colors prevailing in the works inked in this style should be gentle, “diluted”, “airy”. The technique perfectly conveys traits of Pisces zodiac sign, including: childish naivete, flexibility, simplicity, readiness to make sacrifice.


Previously, oriental style tattoos used to be the privilege of people of the Land of the Rising Sun, but with the spread of tattoo culture around the world, oriental style began to enjoy wide success in various circles of society and gained immense popularity. The Japanese have long put significant meaning into pictures on their bodies. Oriental style is not like all the others. It is distinguished by bright colors, bizarre images, closely related to the beliefs and mythology of Japan. The eastern peoples gave special meaning to the amazing fish, Koi carps. These fantastically beautiful creatures are able to overcome any obstacles in their path, striving for the set goal. The Japanese believed that a tattoo featuring Koi carp (the larger — the better) is capable of bringing success to its owner and adding courage.

Татуировка-знак-зодиака-рыбы-на-шее-сзади Фото-тату-знак-зодиака-рыба Эскиз-тату-знак-зодиака-рыбы Эскиз-татуировки-со-знаком-зодиака-рыбы Татуировка-знак-зодиака-рыбы-фото


Linework is considered to be a relatively new style in tattoo art. Its characteristic feature is the use of straight and curved lines when creating a picture. Hatching in this style is almost not used. The amazing entwinement of the lines adds the look of the finest lace to works in linework style. Pisces zodiac sign can be depicted in the form of schematic lines connected with each other. Linework perfectly conveys the nature of people born under this sign, including: delicacy of the soul, tenderness, fragility.


The name of this style speaks for itself. Works in the style of minimalism are usually miniature, fragile and tender. That’s why, this technique is very popular among young girls who are fans of tattoo art but don’t want to ink half the body with large-scale pictures. Works in the style of minimalism look great on wrist, neck, and ankle. Pisces zodiac sign in this style can be inked both schematically and in the form of small black and white fish that vertically float in opposite directions.


If we talk about the image of Pisces in the oriental style, fans of this technique often portray Koi carp, which jump through raging waters, as a symbol of fortitude and courage. However, these traits are not characteristic of the traditional meaning of Pisces zodiac sign. You can depict two fish with golden scales on the background of a tender lotus or blooming sakura branch. You have probably noticed that the image of two fish floating in opposite directions is very similar to the yin-yang sign. You can use your imagination and sketch a tattoo of Pisces zodiac sign in the form of two closely interwoven fish, as a of yin-yang sign.

Two fish, inked in pale pink tones with the background of blue water with writhing algae, will look great in watercolor technique. If you choose the style of linework or minimalism, Pisces will look great on body in the form of a constellation.


It is considered that Pisces are not endowed by nature with such willpower and inflexibility, as, for example, Aries or Capricorn. Gentle, a little slow, malleable, loving comfort, Pisces are allegedly unable to deal with troubles suggested by the fate, they can only go with the flow. Nevertheless, people who were born under Pisces sign, have truly admirable readiness to sacrifice, dedication, compassion, because often their kindness is used by not very decent people. Sacrifice and selflessness require courage, don’t they? Therefore, we can be sure to say that bright Koi carps reflect the true essence of Pisces in the Japanese culture.

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