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Revolver tattoo meanings

Culture and distribute underwear painting is developing so rapidly that today on the Internet you can find a photo tattoo gun (pistol) without difficulty. However, the phenomenon is fairly new. Of course, the guns themselves were relatively not so long ago. It sounds a little silly, but the truth is, if we compare this item with other symbols used in a tattoo, for example, with some animals or flowers, it becomes obvious age difference. But the main reason for the relative novelty of the tattoo gun is that it looks pretty challenging and the owners of the image — people are extraordinary and risky.


This is exactly the case when the tattoo does not bear what the specific meaning. Revolver is an aesthetic decoration. We can only say that it is an attribute of freedom-loving, desperate people. Of course, your tattoo gun as few people indifferent. The condemnation, hostility, envy — you have a real chance to experience all this for yourself


Like it or not, the gun — military weapons that can bring significant and even fatal harm to humans. Therefore, the principal value of such a tattoo — danger . Of course, some of the owners of this painting on the body — the people who actually had a real experience of handling weapons, seeking to capture so some stage of life


Criminal value

It is a specific value of a tattoo gun is in the zone. In prison revolver symbolism portrayed not only to emphasize the danger of its own, but also to express remorse. Average pistol image is unfortunate about the criminal past and a gun with a rose — death for treason.


The tattoo gun is not a purely male. And the image is important for girls is no different. Tattoo gun at Berde (in a holster or not) — has long been a favorite character among the fair sex. In general, the weapons usually depict where wear it in real life, that is, in the hips, abdomen and underarms . Particularly desperate inflict drawing on his hands, and the gun is an extension of the hand. Very nice, but not very practical if you are going somewhere to work.

In general, a tattoo gun is very bold and original choice, which dare not everyone. This image is saturated with bullying, a little levity, hazard and risk. But if your goal — to look cool, it is what you are looking for! Rate sketches and photos of tattoo gun and select the best in the comments!

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