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Piston tattoo meanings

The long period of the development of wearable patterns, as well as individual growth of the masters of art accompanied by various transformations and the emergence of new trends. Modern tattoos are often implies a kind of special meaning, as well as display a person’s character or belonging to a particular craft. One of the most striking trends that has emerged recently is the biomechanics. In this genre are applied to the body all kinds of mechanical parts. Very popular in the framework of the current use of the pistons tattoo.

This is one of the main components of motor mechanisms, which provides reciprocating motion. Underwear image in which there is this element, usually associated with robots or cyborgs. Thus, tattooed in the style of great perfect for fans of the genre of science fiction . Tattoo with the image of the piston can mean:

  • endurance;
  • to move forward;
  • tireless work.

As a rule, the piston tattoo has a hidden meaning, and represents a person belonging to his passion for working with machines. Very often, this tattoo can be found among the owners of motorcycles or people who spend most of their lives dedicated mechanics or work in garages.

Today, one can often hear the request in the cabin to move the piston sketch tattoo on the body. This part of the motor mechanism can be drawn on their own or combined with a skull. One of the most striking tattoos in this direction is the drawing of the skull with the pistons on a background of red flame.

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Complex in execution, but incredibly beautiful style — painting with elements of human flesh mechanisms.

Photos and designs

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