58 Pitbull Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Pitbull tattoo meaning

We talked a bit about the pit bull when discussing the importance of tattoos with dogs. The breed, which we’ll talk today, pretty much stands out, and here’s why. Pitbull is, above all, a fighting breed. These dogs can be very cruel in battle. They are incredibly strong, amazingly hardy, and, at times, aggressive . On the other hand, the value of a pit bull tattoo can be metaphorical. Many are keen to show calm, sometimes sad expression snout of the animal. On the one hand, the faithful friend, the other — a huge force, locked in and ready to break out to protect the host


However, often the object becomes an aggressive pit bull tattoo grin, and the owners — strong and brutal man. We can say that this story probably belongs to a purely masculine. Of course, when applying tattoos in the form of a pit bull and other dogs, many guided by personal motives. With tattoos and the owners are grateful tribute to deceased pets.

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Татуировка доберман на спине девушки

Loyalty, fidelity


Duality, courage, solitude

Photos and designs

Татуировка-питбуль-на-груди Татуировка-питбуль Татуировка-оскал-питбулья татуировка-итбуль-на-руке Питбуль Нецветная-тату-питбуль Маленькая-татуировка-питбуль Красивая-татуирвока-питбуль Идея-для-татуировки-питбуль Значнеие-тату-питбуль Значение-тату-питбуль Эскиз-тату-питбуль Эскиз-татуировки--питбуль Тату-с-питбулем-на-животе Тату-с-питбулем Тату-с-мордой-питбуля Тату-с-головой-питбуля Тату-питбуь-на-ноге Тату-питбуль-на-груди Тату-питбуль Татуировка-с-питбулем татуировка-питбуля-чб Татуировка-питбуль-на-плече

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