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Plague doctor tattoo meanings

Plague Doctor — a well-known figure in history. His duty was to cure the plague. Doctors wore a special suit with a mask. The mask had a menacing appearance, because instead of the nose was something remotely resembling a bird’s beak. Mysticism is traced not only in the specific work of the doctor, but in the presence of death, because death rate during an epidemic was very high.

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Plague doctor has had an enormous influence on the development of European culture. The image of the doctor has been used in the Italian comedy. Venetian mask also owes mask doctor. The headpiece with attached beak doctor kind of deity, and was intended to act as a talisman against the spread of the disease. The bill is actually playing a protective role , because it was filled with herbs, which greatly facilitates breathing in contaminated areas. The mask had a special insert made of glass that protected his eyes.

The doctor has always been considered a harbinger of death. This is due to the fact that the plague while it was not treated, the appearance of a doctor in a special suit frightening evidence of the disease, which always ended with the same result.

The image of the plague has spread and doctors in the art of painting underwear. Meaning tattoo plague doctor is fatalism, predestinations . The person who gets a tattoo, it is absolutely certain that no escape from fate and that foregone will come true.

The tattoo got its spread in Europe and America. the use of this image is not peculiar to the eastern countries. Tattoo is suitable for people who have a thirst for outrageous and desire to be like everyone else. It looks great on the shoulder, chest or back. Some tattoo designs interesting plague doctor represented in our gallery. The tattoo can be performed both in color and in black and white style.

Эскиз татуировки череп в цвете

Intimidation, death, chaos

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The tendency to seek the easy way

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