Puma Tattoo: 97 Photos, 12 Designs and 5 Meanings


The initial meaning of tattoos is the distinctive sign of a person who is identified with the one he “wears” on himself. Naturally, a tattoo with a puma head or the full beast itself will symbolize strength, courage, beauty and agility. These are qualities that are most valuable among hunters who applied similar tattoos in ancient times.

There are several variants of tattooing with an animal like a puma. First of all, this is a full-fledged picture of the beast that went hunting. It is very rare to find similar images of a cougar on vacation. As a rule, the puma is depicted in motion (though it is more difficult) standing on a stone, by a stream or among trees.

The second variant of tattoo with a puma is the head of the beast. The head is not always drawn perfectly clearly, in comparison with the picture of the whole beast. It can denote strength, courage, steadfastness and many other epithets inherent in the animal depending on the location of a head.

The most common meaning of the puma tattoo is that it belongs to the caste of warriors. You can often find soldiers with such tattoos, mercenaries or people for whom strength, speed and courage are an integral part of life. Perhaps, it is the qualities that make numerous clubs of bikers, paintball players or other people who like active rest and adrenaline fill themselves with such a tattoo.

Naturally, we should not forget that the puma is a free animal, which is almost impossible to tame. This factor points to another symbolism — independence and freedom of action. What is noteworthy, such tattoos can be found even in a person far from adrenaline sport, he simply expresses his attitude to life.

Thus, the original meaning of the tattoo with the puma, which the hunters themselves made to get from the beast his strength and agility, grew into independence and the pursuit of freedom. Moreover, the meaning of a puma tattoo with a grin is saying exactly about this. Many people make such a tattoo just to show their freedom to do what they want without paying attention to others.


First of all, you need to decide what puma tattoo will be. If this beast is full-length, the tattoo will be on the back, it can reach the neck and sides, in rare cases — on the arm. Large pictures can be arranged in a qualitative way and the perfect place can be chosen by a master only who will then make a tattoo.
The head with a puma grin is often located on the arm (the back of the hand) or the shoulder. Occasionally one can find a tattoo of a cougar on the wrist, but here it will be a symbol only, but not precisely traced head of an animal.

However, it is possible to arrange such tattoo on other parts of the body. Women, who also strive for freedom and independence, can make a picture even on the stomach or legs, which organically and attractively looks in color.

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