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Puzzle tattoo menaing

Puzzles come up with a long time, but their use in tattoos began relatively recently. The first, which began to put on the characters puzzle body were American prisoners. It was the only entertainment available to prisoners. Gradually the popularity of individual image elements puzzle penetrated to different strata of society. So one of the innocent amusement has been immortalized in the art of painting underwear.

The images may consist of one single element, and the entire composition. The most common tattoo is done in color. Dimensions can be almost arbitrary.

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  1. Since the puzzle is considered child’s play, game, tattoo symbolizes several flippant attitude to the life.
  2. That person decides what will be his fate, so the tattoo is often depicted with a missing piece. This shows the search yourself and your purpose in this life. The owner of the tattoo shows a desire to know the secret of life.

Puzzle for tattoo chosen by people who are inclined to philosophical reflection, the search for goals in life. It is a complex puzzle. This complexity and mystery can be transferred to human life. Not always circumstances are well and clearly. Most often must make a great effort to make the situation clearer. So the puzzle — an abundance of similar elements sometimes leads to erroneous decisions. But as soon as possible to solve this problem, everything falls into place.

Tattoos in the form of a puzzle has a certain duality of interpretation due to the fact that meaning itself has both a puzzle and a picture that is shown with the help of the puzzle. A lot depends on the imagination of the owner of the tattoo and the sense that laid them.

Puzzle Body portray both women and men. You can find options where pieces of the puzzle have a three-dimensional volume. Tattoo puzzle brings mystery to the image of the owner. Such work may have become a symbol of belonging to a certain group.

In this case, each of the participants makes a tattoo from separate element, and the overall pattern can only be seen gathered these people together. Many puzzle lovers use in tattoos. This can be traced deep meaning. People can not live without one another, as it is impossible to assemble the puzzle in the absence of one of the elements.

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