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Raccoon tattoo meaning

Tattoo raccoon in our country not so long ago it was not possible to find among clients salons and studios. But among American Indians have long been famous for this pattern. Heroism and fearlessness of the animal dedicated to the legends and tales. Indians like raccoons, to know the world, scratching his tiny claws. Sketches tattoo raccoon today most often carried out in color. Figure can be applied to different parts of the body, depending on the image size: chest, thigh, back, arm or abdomen.

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One can not answer the question: what is the raccoon tattoo? If the animal is depicted in dark tones, and on its muzzle black bezel, perhaps, the author meant loneliness and the search for the path. The animal has many positive qualities: what is only his orderly, any food raccoon trying to wash in water.

Mind raccoon is so developed, that they are easily trained and trained. Given the peculiarity of the night to lead a way of life, many people assume that it is a symbol — the ability to see a clear image of a man and a hidden


Accordingly, the value of raccoon tattoo in two ways: on the one hand a sort of a harmless animal, on the other — veiled identity , trying to hide under the guise of simplicity downsides


In summary, we can draw the following conclusion. For most of our readers raccoon — almost fairy-tale characters from childhood. About him read, heard, seen live but the majority do not have to. Therefore, to describe the image of this cute animal, we often resort to the imagination. All this resulted in the fact that Raccoon tattoo often portrayed in a cartoon, illustrative style. See our gallery of photos and sketches and see for yourself!

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Photos and designes

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