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A lot of people began to think about what associations cause the tattoo with the ram even before reading the article. Surely someone does not distinguish between sheep and ram. Someone has never seen either one or the other. If we consider the question of meaning from the standpoint of Christianity, these two animals symbolize stubbornness and the desire to achieve the goal by any means. The expression «stubborn as a ram» has long been rooted in the Russian language.

The ram symbolizes, nevertheless, the masculine, so a tattoo with this beast is not very appropriate on the body of a young girl. The owner of such a picture will rather scare the representatives of the opposite sex than to attract.

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As already mentioned, by rams are called stubborn, unyielding people who can’t and do not want to find compromises, trying to do things their own way, even if they know about the mistakenness of their behavior. So who wants to start a romantic relationship with a person whose behavior is not very flexible.

At the same time, considering the sketches of a ram tattoo, it becomes clear that this picture will suit a single-minded, self-confident man. It is not without reason that in ancient Celts the animal was associated with fertility and the positive outcome of military operations.


Tattoo of skull of a ram, depicted in a demonic style, on the contrary, is positioned as a satanic, dark force. Therefore, such a picture does not symbolize anything in common with the Christian lamb.

As we can see, the value of a tattoo of ram can’t be interpreted unequivocally, so before deciding on such a pattern, we advise you to carefully think what exactly it attracts you, and what features of these animals you can try on yourself. In our subjective opinion, the reason of choosing for most of the owners of such tattoo was the corresponding zodiac sign — Aries, and in order not to be limited to a small badge, a beautiful bull or ram is depicted on the body.

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