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Ram tattoo meaning

Many even before reading the article began to think, what the association calls the tattoo with a sheep. Surely someone is not too different sheep and sheep. Someone had never seen any of those, or others. If you consider the values ​​of Christianity with the position that these two animals symbolize stubbornness and desire to achieve the goal any means. The expression «stubborn as a ram» has long been rooted in the Russian language.

The ram symbolizes, yet masculine, so the tattoo with this beast is not very appropriate on the body of a young girl. The owner of such images will likely scare away members of the opposite sex, than attract.

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As has been said, the sheep is called stubborn, unyielding people who can not and do not want to find a compromise, trying to do everything on their own, even if they are aware of the error of his behavior. So who wants to start a romantic relationship with a special, whose behavior is not very flexible.

At the same time, considering the sketches tattoo sheep, it becomes clear that this figure will approach self-motivated, self-confident man. For good reason the ancient Celts, the animal associated with fertility and the positive outcome of hostilities.

Тату череп барана

Tattoo skull sheep, depicted in a demonic-style, on the contrary, is positioned as a Satanic dark forces. Therefore, this figure is nothing to do with the Christian lamb symbolizes.

As you can see, the value of the ram tattoo may not be interpreted unambiguously, so before you decide on a drawing, it is advisable to consider carefully what exactly it attracts you, and what are the features of these animals you can try on. In our subjective opinion, for the majority of the holders of such tattoos became a reason for choosing the appropriate zodiac sign — Aries, and not be limited to a small icon on the body depict beautiful bull or ram.

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