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The tattoo of a rat most often carries a philosophical meaning that does not completely coincide with the public opinion as to the meaning of the symbol of this rodent. The figure of a rat characterizes its owner with such qualities as austerity, agility and speed. These character traits help a person, like a rat, to be able to «spin» in order to survive in their environment.

A tattoo with a rat is given opposite meanings. On the one hand, they symbolize death, destruction, loss, and on the other hand: wisdom, the ability to adapt to any circumstances, foresight. The Chinese revered the rodent, considering it a symbol of prosperity, wealth and success. In the culture of Islamic states this animal is the embodiment of sensuality.

This tattoo is suitable also for entrepreneurs who, like this animal, possess ingenuity and flexibility, are able to adapt to the surrounding conditions for conducting their activities perfectly. In addition, the rat is the most intelligent representative of the rodents. A rat, like an entrepreneur, has a flair. Proof of this is the well-known ability of rats to foresee the death of ships.

Rat tattoos are also recommended to be applied to people who believe in the existence of otherworldly forces. These animals are considered as conductors between various worlds by local priests in the African beliefs. In Christianity this rodent is associated with a devil.

The rat has different meanings depending on the technology of tattooing. If the animal’s picture is made in a natural form, then it symbolizes the properties of this rodent, if in the cartoon — that gives to the person the properties of the hero from the cartoon. A striking example is Ratatouille from the cartoon film or the Sensei from the Ninja Turtles.

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The tattoo of a rat is capable to cause only negative emotions in some people which are connected with habitats of a rodent and the harm done by animals to human property or health. Nevertheless, the ancient Eastern culture chose the rat as a symbol of such human qualities as cunning and the intelligence. So a rat tattoo in this sense is suitable for people who are smart, educated and cunning. Chinese culture in the image of a rodent invested a symbol of wealth and prosperity. No wonder it is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac. The rat is the embodiment of sensuality in the peoples of Islam.

Negative meaning of the rat tattoo is noted in several cultures. The picture of this animal can be the symbols of the nazumi — werewolf rats, who are people of small stature in human appearance in Japanese culture. They are characterized by a complete lack of moral principles, but they have highly developed natural qualities of the rat — scent and vision. Most often, «nazumi» was used as spies and assassins. They always acted under cover of the night, had a very high speed of movement in the darkness and great strength. Therefore, they were associated with rats. This also contributed to the appropriation of an aggressive character by a rat tattoo.

However, the rat is also one of the seven symbols of luck in the Land of the Rising Sun, therefore it can be used as a noble tattoo. So, this animal can be depicted with bales filled with rice in the Japanese culture of tattoos, symbolizing the fertility, the high position of man in society. The image of a large rat with a bunch of rats is applied by many-fathers in Japan.

It should also be noted that the tattoo belongs to the category of multiuse — suitable for men and women. Most often, the picture is placed on the chest, shoulder blade or forearm. The tattoo can be performed both solo and as part of the composition.

The rat tattoo is also important in places of deprivation of liberty. It is imposed forcibly to a prisoner, who was convicted of «rats» — stealing from his close people. The symbol of «petticoat» is put on the back of the prisoner.

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