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What does a raven tattoo mean?

Tattoo with the image of a raven is the most controversial and for many — alarming story from the point of view of values. Agree, this is a pretty grim bird, though for many this fact is the reason to make a tattoo. In any case, in this article you will learn about all the common values ​​of the raven tattoo!

Natelnye picture with the image of a raven met even among the ancient Celts. The first value tattoos crows — wisdom and longevity


According to various legends of black crows live three hundred years, making the creature in its own way unique. The ancient Greeks considered crows harbinger of the gods, a symbol of fertility. In China, this bird was considered the personification of power and might. In Norse mythology, Odin’s ravens were companions supreme god Odin.

On the other hand, in many cultures it crows clearly associated with war and suffering. At the religious treatises can be found to describe the black bird as a symbol of sin. Vrana, pecking the eyes of sinners was personified as the devil, the blinding of sinners.


In summary, the value of Raven tattoo depends on whether the holder that he invests in it. In addition, the perception of this pattern depends largely on some atronibutov — because crows are rarely portrayed itself. Raven with a skull — a sign of danger of death the owner of a tattoo. Flying raven with spread wings (sometimes difficult to distinguish from an eagle or a hawk — the symbol of freedom and independence). At the end of the article according to tradition a few sketches and photos of tattoos crows.

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Peace, good, love

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