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Record player tattoo

Tattoos with a variety of musical instruments, notes, recorder makes creative people, for which the music — not just a way to relax, but a lifestyle. This kind of tattoo symbolizes that its owner uniquely creative person.

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  • The owner of the tattoo recorder can write songs, or have excellent hearing and be demanding connoisseur of music. Such a person will characterize the constant wearing headphones and the player .

  • and the second option is possible. Man may differ passion for collecting art, including music. His hobby, he proudly shows around.

  • The recorder can perpetuate the person who did not think of my life without repair of various equipment. He likes to disassemble, assemble, construct something new.

Sketch of tattoo tape can be both simple and intricate. There are a variety of options. Much depends on the skill tattoo artist and his artistic taste. You can draw a simple tape recorder on a colored background of small size. And you can create a masterpiece of art, placing it on the shoulder or back. Location depends on the image size.

It is often depicted together with tape rarity microphone or headphones. The background can be flowers, musical notes, blur. As for the colors, look more stylish black-and-white drawings with thoroughly traced lines.

Color images are less popular. Most tape as the tattoo chosen representatives of the male gender. For girls such pictures are quite cumbersome. Not always such a tattoo will indicate a passion for music. Figure can not have meaning. This stylish, youth tattoo.

тату скрипка 1

Fragility, elegance, vulnerability

тату пазл 30

Flippant attitude to life

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