29 Rhino Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Rhinoceros tattoo symbolizes strength, irrepressible temper and power. This is one of the largest mammals that live on the earth, a very controversial creature. His behavior is difficult to predict. The animal from a calm and unwieldy creature can turn into a formidable enemy, which strikes very quickly in a matter of seconds.

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The horn was considered a very strong amulet, which brings good luck for a long time. He was also endowed with magical properties. Thick skin and a dangerous horn make the animal invulnerable to detractors. Exactly these features contributed to the popularization of tattoos with rhinoceros.

Many African tribes used the animal as a totem, believing that it would protect the tribe from enemies. They made the tattoos on the body of soldiers. It was believed that the rhinoceros will bring strength to the possessor and save him from misfortunes.

The meaning of rhinoceros tattoos lies in the specific characteristics of the animal. It is believed that such an image will give the owner confidence, constancy, strength. It is believed that a rhinoceros brings good luck in China so a lot of firms use it for their emblems.

The tattoos of rhinoceros are of a male character. Such an image will be very rude and inappropriate for women. The tattoos can be placed on different parts of the body. Since the picture is difficult to attribute to small, the most advantageous tattoo looks on the chest, shoulder, back. The rhinoceros are always depicted in gray, with clearly traced details. The head of an animal with a protruding horn is depicted most often. It is much less common to see the whole animal image. The background can be anything.

The presence of such a tattoo indicates the permanence, stability, self-confidence, the ability to overcome any obstacles. Such a tattoo uniquely brings success to its owner and protects from ill-wishers.

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