29 Rhino Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Rhino tattoo meanings

Rhino Tattoo symbolizes strength , uncontrollable temper and power. This is one of the largest mammals that live on land, the creation of a very contradictory. His behavior is difficult to predict. Within seconds of the animal calm and clumsy creation can become a formidable enemy, which is very fast strikes.

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For a long time the horn was considered a very powerful amulet that brings good luck. He was also endowed with magical properties. Heavy Leather and dangerous animal horn make invulnerable to enemies. These features and helped to popularize the tattoo with a rhinoceros.

Many African tribes used animal as a totem, believing that it will protect the tribe from enemies. Tattoos applied to a body of soldiers. It was thought that Rhino will bring the owner of the power and will protect from harm.

The value of rhinoceros tattoo lies in the specific characteristics of the animal. It is believed that such an image owner endow confidence , perseverance, strength. In China, it is believed that rhino brings good luck, so many companies use it for their logos.

Tattoos rhino is a male character. For women, this image is very rude and inappropriate. Place the tattoo on different parts of the body. Since the pattern is difficult to attribute to a small tattoo looks the most advantageous on the chest, shoulder, back. Rhino is always depicted in gray, with clearly traced details. Most often depicted animal head with horns sticking out. Much less can meet the animal’s entire image. Background can be anything.

Have a tattoo suggests permanence, stability, confidence, ability to overcome any obstacles. This tattoo uniquely brings success to its owner and protects against enemies.

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Graceful, swiftness, endurance

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The hardness of belief, obstinacy

Photos and designs

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