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Ring tattoo meanings

Many fans of tattoos, want the image to be catchy and was located on the prominent position. Some places on the human body is not exactly hide from prying eyes. Fingers — this is one of those places. They are perfect for a noticeable tattoo.

Tattoo rings — a novelty in the wearable fashion images. Tattoos in the form of a ring is not able to attract less attention than the big picture. This is true for girls. These tattoos serve as substitute for precious jewelry. Apply a thick, thin rings. Popular rings with hearts and ribbons.

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Celebrities happy to have picked up the trend. Tattoos can be seen from the Howard Stern, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna.
Men and women sometimes make the tattoo rings on their fingers for fun, and sometimes rings have a deeper meaning. In any case, to avoid vulgarity limit to the image of the tattoo on one finger.

a tattoo in the form of a ring on the finger are popular with lovers who see no reason to wear a wedding ring. The idea couple tattoos , fit to designate you as a couple and get rid of platitudes. Such a ring you never lose.

Couples, choosing wedding rings, looking for something special. Sometimes the couple develop a design, complementing the Ring characters that for them the road. Tattoo wedding rings help to make the familiar original accessory. Some husbands shoot a wedding ring when the wife is not around. The people who did the tattoo this idea even in his head did not come.

The most famous wedding ring tattoos belong to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Actress and model on the ring finger of his left hand got a tattoo that says «Tommy.» Lee made a similar tattoo. After the divorce, I had to change tattoo design. But couples all over the world had to follow the stars and got these tattoos as a sign of eternal love to her lover.


tattoo rings on the hand may look different. The significance of this figure on his finger — promise to love and be faithful to its second half. Newlyweds love to be applied to the fingers wedding date in Roman or Arabic numerals. It’s comfortable. You will never forget the anniversary. A reminder will always be on hand. Celtic motifs or tatami rings are also very popular. Sometimes the couple does on the ring finger tattoo that complement each other. For example, the key and the lock halves or hearts. Name and initials of the couple also look good. Unusually image looks on a finger close to the nail. Tattoo master advised to apply in the form of rings only positive characters. Tattoo with a skull may adversely affect the couple’s life together. Sketch of tattoo in the form of simple ringlet. Any tattoo artist will cope with it. But do not trust the process amateurs. Consult a certified interior.

Tattoo rings requires careful approach. This part of the body you can not hide clothing. Tatu will always be visible. Therefore, before going to the tattoo parlor think of all the details of the picture: its design, size, position, color. Do not forget that hand we are constantly doing something, the tattoo fades with time and erased. Dark colors of ink most persistent. They are popular for tattoos on the fingers.

Before you apply drawing tune in to what the tattoo rings on their fingers — a painful procedure. The little fingers of adipose tissue and the skin close to the bone. But, on the other hand, it is good evidence that you are ready to do anything for love.


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