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Rose tattoo meanings

I do not hesitate to say that the Rose — the most common women’s tattoo, the most popular among fans of flower underwear painting and one of the most romantic characters in the story


Of course, the flowers have a rich history, and is known to mankind many facts and stories, which, one way or another, featured roses. For example, in the XVI century, a tattoo of a rose served as a label for prisoners , sentenced to death. Mentions about roses can be found in ancient legends.

In the myths of ancient Greece, this flower is associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite, in ancient Rome, there was a belief of the goddess Diana, which is jealous of her lover, turned him into a rose. In Christianity, this lovely flower symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ. The first beads were made from the buds of roses; beads appeared a little later.

There are a variety of parables-stories, such as the nightingale, who was in love with a white rose and embraced her, stabbed himself spikes, then that is highlighted in red. In short — around that flower at all times, there were many different stories, which give it a special energy and a hidden meaning.


Meaning tattoo rose is very multifaceted and depends on the color, shape and image attributes. Most popular decrypt a tattoo — beauty, love, purity . Roses are used in the wedding, and the funeral rites, in the first case, bonding love suite, while the second — symbolizes eternal life and memory. The white rose symbolizes innocence, purity, fidelity. Golden flower is depicted on the emblem of the Pope, meaning perfection hill.

The Yellow Rose — perhaps the rarest type of tattoo — a symbol of sadness and separation. About flower black color to talk in more detail. In the traditional sense of the black rose tattoo represents sadness from the loss , unrequited love, hope unrealizable. This symbol can mean the loss of a loved one or a past feelings. However, not all black images are to be understood in this manner. Not to be confused with the classic black rose tattoo blackwork style where any subject can be visualized with the help of patterns.


Rose with thorns

Once the color is selected, it is necessary to think about the design of your tattoo. Each attribute that will complement the main story, brings additional value. For example, the thorns on a rose is a symbol of masculinity. Generally, any tattoo thorns characterize holder spiritually strong, sturdy and stable. It is a sign of protection.

Rose with thorns tattoo has yet another hidden meaning: they seem to say that there is no beauty without sacrifice, love without pain and great achievements without risk. Tangled flower — a symbol of harmony. For example, the combination of roses with thorns and without symbolizes the unity of male and female. The compositions of the colors in the tattoo can be a means of image or story writing. Petals or buds can be put silhouette or a word that gives unlimited flight of fancy of the artist.

When it becomes clear that the tattoo is a rose, it’s time to decide on a place for the application. And here too there are no special rules. We can only say that among all the references to the tattoo artists the most popular tattoo rose in the arm and shoulder, but that, in general, not saying much. Flowers will be appropriate to look at any part of the body — from the neck to the feet, so that the pictures look, choose the best, and write in the comments!


The integrity, humility, charity


Greatness, strength, swiftness

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