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Ruby tattoo meanings

ТRuby is a favorite tattoo image of women who want to show all its exclusivity. Not surprisingly, women often prefer to put themselves on the body image of ruby, because it is the female gender has increased cravings for various expensive jewelry. ruby tattoo is good all-rounder, as stone has a lot of faces .

Tattoo with this stone is a good choice for women who want to emphasize the unmatched beauty of their appearance. Sam Ruby is a symbol of passion and great love. For European and Eastern masters tattoos ruby ​​I have always been a sign that says about human exceptionalism. Among the other values ​​can be noted:

  • passion;
  • pleasure;
  • the desire to live a beautiful life.

It is often depicted with ruby ​​drops of blood that oozes out of the stone. So the man says the loss of a loved one who passed away from this life. Very good looks image is applied to the body in color. A similar picture complement inscription bearing a definite meaning, which only knows its owner.

Often, you can see the Image with ruby ​​rose . In this case, the stone itself, usually black ink is applied, and is performed in the classic rose red. A skilled tattoo artist can put on your skin image of this gem with a clear portrayal of all its facets. A good spot for tattoos in the form of a ruby ​​on the body is considered to be the area on the arm below the elbow. Sometimes you may notice a tattoo on his chest.

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Cleanliness, transparency, uniqueness

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Photos and designs

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