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Over time, more and more people stop believing in the genuineness of astrology, preferring confirmed scientific knowledge. However, this doesn’t downplay the importance of ancient mythology as a cultural phenomenon, the study of which enables us to better understand ancient people, motives of their actions and those achievements, without which the modern world wouldn’t be the way we see it today. Zodiac signs are inextricably bound up with Greek mythology, so there is much more behind them than we are used to believe. And today we’ll consider meaning of tattoos with Sagittarius zodiac sign, its history and several original versions of this idea implementation.


Gods turned centaur Chiron into Sagittarius constellation after his death to thank him for the wisdom, knowledge and skills that he presented to his numerous disciples. The centaur was a skillful archer. He was rarely seen without his bow, so he is portrayed with a bow and arrow pointing up.

Legendary heroes Achilles and Jason, great doctor Aesculapius, brilliant singer Orpheus and many others were Chiron’s disciples. Chiron’s talents were so multifaceted, and the wisdom was so great that he could teach his young disciples to implement completely different skills and crafts, such as: javelin throwing, archery, hunting, eclectic medicine, versification and chanting.

Chiron devoted all his time to training future heroes. He had the gift of foresight, so he knew exactly which science would be useful to each of his disciples in the future. Knowledge of the conduct of battle became a priority for some students, healing or art – for others. During the day, his disciples practiced and studied sciences, and in the evening they listened to Chiron’s wise speeches. The centaur talked about how the world works, where it started and how to make it better.

Chiron died accidentally: he was hit by the arrow of Hercules, soaked in the hydra poison, which was not intended for him. The centaur was immortal, so the wound did not kill him, but even his knowledge of medicine couldn’t help him get rid of the pain caused by the poison. The idea that this pain would be his eternal companion was unbearable for Chiron, so he offered Prometheus his immortality.

Prometheus agreed, Zeus confirmed the deal, and Chiron voluntarily went to the gloomy kingdom of Hades. According to another version, the centaur wanted to die because his life was too long and he got bored.
Constellation of Sagittarius, which is also called Centaur constellation, reminds us of wisdom, the importance of the role of mentor and teacher. It is believed that people born under this zodiac sign are characterized by some qualities that were inherent in Chiron himself, namely: kindness and compassion, of which other centaurs couldn’t boast, openness, sociability, sincerity, ability to stand up for himself if it was necessary, pride and of fear of enemies.


Even a beginner tattoo artist can ink a simple astrological symbol of Sagittarius. We’ll consider several more complex and interesting options for implementing this idea.


A realistic image of a centaur with a bow, made by a talented master, will definitely look cool both in monochrome and in color. If large-scale work is planned (for example, on the whole back), Chiron’s life story can inspire you to create a sketch that depicts him with students (for example, lessons in an olive grove or under the sky full of stars, farewell to Jason and the Argonauts leaving for a long journey), and the story of his death can serve as an idea for the work that tells about granting immortality to Prometheus and the wise way the centaur met his death, proudly raising his head.

Тату-знак-зодиака-стрелец Тату-знак-зодиака-стрелец-на-бедре Тату-знак-зодиака-стрелец-на-лопатке Тату-знак-зодиака-стрелец-на-плече Тату-знак-зодиака-стрелец-на-предплечье Татуировка-знак-зодиака-стрелец-на-запястье Эскиз-тату-знак-зодиака-стрелец


The image of the centaur, full of strength, wisdom and courage, will perfectly match with the cosmic landscape. The character can be depicted in a schematic way (in the form of a silhouette or even separate lines creating its outlines), and realistically as well. For example, a sleeve with the image of ground and olive groves growing on it will look cool on the forearm, passing into the night sky, and then into the cosmic landscape with shades of blue, red and purple, and eventually the silhouette of the centaur on the shoulder.


The image of a bow and an arrow is a good option for a small tattoo that will look great on almost any part of the body. In addition, you can implement this idea in almost any style, including: watercolor splashes emphasize the ease of arrow flight, clarity and brightness of new school make visible even a small work, graphics are a good choice for a monochrome sketch, Art Brut show your courage and originality, and ornamental means elegance and good taste.

Decorative elements can be as follows: the bow can be decorated with bright ribbons, shoulders can be covered with ivy or any flowers to your liking. The tip of the arrow can be cracked, thereby emphasizing the antiquity of the tattoo plot. Particular attention should be paid to the feathering of the arrow because it can set the tone of the entire composition.


If you want to depict not just an astrological symbol, but the image of Chiron isn’t what you want, it is not necessary to follow the myth. For example, a realistic nymph or dryad, targeting with a bow, will be interesting both in the context of a large-scale picture without it. Besides, it can be a female centaur, a fairy with butterfly wings or an angel. The choice of styles is also wide: from symbolic images with elements of watercolors, ornamental or linework to large-scale realistic paintings.


It is believed that a tattoo depicting Sagittarius on bodies of those who were born under this constellation can have a negative impact. According to astrologers, Sagittarius is already too wasteful in all senses, and the tattoo can enhance this quality, completely depriving them of their connection with reality. Indeed, people who are susceptible to belief in prejudice can be influenced by anything. The only thing they have to do is to believe in it. For those whose level of awareness is higher, tattoos remain just tattoos. They can inspire some achievements, remind you of the qualities that people appreciate in themselves, raise self-esteem and simply delight the eye every day, but the image on the skin doesn’t have any magical impact that can ruin your life.

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