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Sakura tattoo meanings

Contrary to popular belief, cherry — not a bush, not a flower, not even a tree. This title combines several trees. Nevertheless, for many centuries, it is the most famous and revered symbol of Japan. The elegance and beauty of cherry blossom represents the culture and traditions of the country of the rising sun. On the symbolism of Japanese cherry tree is to talk in more detail.

For a long time cherry tattoo symbolizes the youth and beauty of a beautiful girl. Many well-known fact that the famous Japanese tree blooms only once a year and it is very long. This directly affects the value of the cherry tattoo. Transience tree flowering compared with the mortality of man. Only a short time surprising surrounding its dazzling beauty, the flowers quickly fade and fly away in the wind. Image of cherry on the body, as well as with a lotus tattoo can mean the desire to capture the most beautiful period of life — youth. Very often, amateur tattoos make cherry tattoo as a symbol of the life cycle: growth, flowering and wilting.


a long time admiring the cherry blossoms came into the national Japanese custom in honor of the national holiday which appeared Hanami . The Japanese greet this amazing natural phenomenon, together with their friends and family.

There is another interesting value. Ancient Japanese giving states that the place where cherry growing with rose petals, once the bloodshed. The terrible tragedy was, the more beautiful the flowers are. Thus ancient tree represents the sacrifice — the cruelty of how to pay for beauty. Another sad sense that investing in this plant — the memories of past love, a beautiful but fleeting


As you can see, a tattoo with the image of Sakura has a deep philosophical meaning and is suitable romantic and thoughtful natures. It so happens that usually the owners of such tattoos are just a girl. There are two most popular version of the image such a picture: flowering tree or branch cherry. Both have a similar value, but if the tree requires a lot of space and is portrayed as a rule, on the back or from the hip to chest, the branch can be performed quite compact, for example on foot.

In any case, the cherry is considered one of the most stylish tattoos for girls and rightfully takes pride of place in our ranking. Do you like an ancient symbol of Japanese culture? Write in the comments!

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