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Scissors tattoo meanings

In recent years, various types of tattoos have become very popular items. But it is no secret that the tattoo — it’s not just a pretty meaningless figure. Each image, each symbol and each image has some value for its majority. Let’s talk about how important the tattoo scissors. It is worth noting that in one case the tattoo scissors has no hidden meaning, and it’s pretty transparent, but it happens that in this drawing pectoral invest a certain value, its history, and even their tragedy.

Тату ножницы Татуировка с ножницами Тату с расческой и ножницами Интересная тату с ножницами на спине Тату ножницы на голени

Tattoo scissors may indicate person belonging to a particular profession. For example, if you see a person who has a body scissors, and somewhere nearby and drawn comb, it means that, most likely, in front of you a dedicated barber or stylist. This is a man who decided to show their devotion to the profession around the world.

And if there is visible with a pair of scissors and a spool of thread, a person in front of you working as a seamstress. Sometimes near the surface and understanding is something hidden, symbolic. For example, if next to the scissors have a ball of thread, the tangle can be interpreted as a sign of infinity.

As a rule, such a tattoo in the form of scissors doing on the parts of the hands on the forearm or palm. These drawings can realistically portray the subject, can be bulky or conventional. In addition, they can be decorated with decorative elements: various flowers, ribbons or strands. Someone may consider a psychological subtext. Psychologists say that originally symbolized the separation scissors from anything. Sometimes the body makes drawing, in which Scissors pierce the heart . It seems that the value of such a tattoo immediately clear: a person leaves in the past some sad story, some kind of tragedy, like cutting or separating yourself from this period in his life. Sometimes, with the same connotations people make out some old scars on the body in the form of scissors cutting, it looks pretty original.

The most impressive tattoo looks like a scissors, which is located on the palm and fingers of the hand so that you can with your fingers of their opening and closing, moving his fingers. It is worth noting that the same things as tattoos, although they will look identical, in different areas and among different people can be treated differently. However, you can always invest in a tattoo its meaning scissors and will have every right to do.

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тату оригами 1

Duality, the search for truth


Persistence, Honor, willpower

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Photos and designs

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