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Sea tattoos

At the time, the sailors became the first conductor of his own body art jewelry designs. However, if at that time it was nothing more than a way to communicate and a talisman from shipwrecks, today tattooing sea — it is one of the most common motifs among travelers and the lovers of nature.

If you are also among those, you will be useful to know the value of marine tattoos.


Undaunted, cunning, power, danger

тату золотая рыбка 25

Fulfillment of desires


Freedom, dignity, intelligence


The effort, dedication, perseverance

тату корабль 26

The desire to change the situation, self-determination

тату морская звезда 30

Commitment to goals


True course


The tranquility, peace of mind

Тату морской конек на ноге
Sea horse

Purposeful, overcoming difficulties


Update revival


Wisdom, eternity, variability

тату пиранья 1

Strong-willed character, leadership qualities

тату парусник 30
Sailing ship

Danger, adventurism


Hope, stability, revival

тату рыба молот 1
Hammer fish

The strength and rebelliousness

тату скат 1

The desire for freedom and independence

тату сом 1

Happiness, longevity, confidence

тату штурвал 1

Responsibility, commitment

All of them are divided into two large groups — the Marine Corps and Navy tattoos. Thus, an essential attribute of a Marine is any wild animal as a symbol of his courage and fearlessness . And more often preferred the majestic and powerful tigers and bears, which, depending on whether or not they will mean aggression or othodchivy infantryman can be displayed as a furious and submissive.

In addition, very popular among the marines and got a tattoo in the form of bats to attract good luck and protection from evil spirits and black patterned skulls that serve as a symbol of the transience of life and impending death. In addition, each of these figures may be supplemented by numbers corresponding to the period of military service, the number of icons, blood group, etc.

Another thing the Navy tattoos, which are designed to emphasize its affiliation to the carrier service is on the ship. Therefore, the course is every kind of maritime paraphernalia. Namely:

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Anyway, common to the Marine Corps and the Navy has always been mermaid and mollusk, in a manner that allowed all sorts of frivolity. They are usually portrayed with a naked body and long flowing hair as a sign of their boundless loving and the desire for beautiful women.

And finally, take a look at our gallery of sketches and photos of marine tattoos. How do you?

Photos and designs

Маленькая-морская-тату Морская-татуировка-с-якорем Фото-морской-татуирорвки-якорь Эскиз-морской-тату-якорь-с-черепом Морская-татуировка-с-судном Морская-татуировка-корабль Морская-тату-с-якорем Фото-морских-татуировок Морская-татуировка-на-лопатке-девушки Фото-морской-татуирорвки-якорь Фото-морской-татуировки-с-якорем Эскиз-морской-тату-якорь-с-черепом Морская-тату-во-всю-спину Морская-татуировка-фрегат Морская-тату-с-изображением-якоря Тату-в-виде-корабля Татуировка-морская-звезда Морская-тату-якорь-на-шее Татуировка-моряков Татуировка-морская-черепаха Татуировка-морских-пехотинцев Эскиз-татуировки-моряков Фото-морской-татуировки-с-якорем

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