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Sea horse tattoo meanings

Seahorse is among the most mysterious and interesting inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. It owes its name the unusual shape of the head, which is somewhat reminiscent of the noble horse. Seahorses are often featured in the myths and legends of the Europeans and Asian residents of the islands. It is, indeed, a unique creature. Is it unusual that the seahorse males are capable of producing offspring. Thanks to its elegant configuration and a rounded tail, is the creation of very popular among fans of tattoos. Mostly tattoo seahorse prefer the fair sex.

In the literal translation from the Greek, «Hippocampus» means «sea monster». However, the ominous name does not match the lifestyle seahorse — the creation of a more peaceful still need to search. The peoples inhabiting the coast of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, were sincerely convinced that such an unusual creature can not possess magical powers. That is why the temples and fonts of those distant times often met scenic mural depicting a seahorse. In Greek mythology it is these animals were given the honor to be harnessed to the chariot of Poseidon almighty. In addition, seahorses ferried the souls of the dead.

In China seahorse is considered a descendant of the dragon, and is now a symbol of trust and healing from any ailments. Eyes being able to rotate as if on their own, indicate caution and care . Ancient sailors, going into the sea, often taken with a talisman in the form of a sea horse.

What is the tattoo seahorse?


a tattoo in the form of a sea horse — a good sign, symbolizing the non-aggressive commitment and success in all endeavors. It is believed that this animal, which serves as a reminder that believing in ourselves is necessary, can help to overcome all obstacles and hardships of life — just as the sailors helped fight the distraught elements. Often a picture with the image of seahorse stuffed creative nature.

Because of its amazing ability to pregnant and give birth without assistance seahorse represents the single fathers . Tattoo with the image of seahorse — a real space for imagination. This character is portrayed in the warm and cool colors. The girls are having fun image in the neck, wrists, and even fingers. Men «accommodated» outlandish sea animals on the chest or shoulder.

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Photos and designs

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