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Seagull tattoo meanings

Bird seagull symbolizes the independence and sense of freedom. When the watch its graceful flight, always remember the sea. Tattoo gulls can often be seen on people who spend most of their lives dedicated to the sea. Mariners this bird makes me think of home, land and loved ones. This is due to the fact that it does not depart far from the coast.
This image is family and for fishermen . Tattoo in the form of a seagull is a symbol of a successful campaign on fishing, which ends big catch. It itself is very agile bird hunter fish.

For most prisoners, the time they spend in prison go in vain, and that represents a seagull tattooed on the body of the prisoner. Stuffing a picture, a person sincerely regretted the time wasted. For them, the bird is also the way the long-awaited freedom, which every prisoner is waiting impatiently. This reveals the meaning of tattoos good picture seagull that flies over the waves. If the bird is depicted in the background of the shield, it is a symbol of the strong friendship that people experienced before was in prison.

For people on the outside seagull tattoo value can be understood as:

  • love of adventure;
  • vanity;
  • High self-confidence;
  • inconstancy in action.
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Such people do not see in front of obstacles and prohibitions, and can easily change the direction of their lives and to cope with difficulties without any problems. They are devoted to their opinion and try to achieve both goals ahead quickly.

Among the other values ​​of the image on the body can be identified:

  • innocence;
  • fortitude;
  • altitude soul;
  • lightness.

The Seagull is a migratory bird, allowing the tattoo with her image symbolize infidelity or unfaithfulness in feelings. You can select their habit to drop from a great height the eggs of other birds Among the features of the behavior of gulls. For this reason, some people can invest in the pectoral drawing seagull revenge. Basically, do the tattoo on his arm of seagulls, sometimes stuffed her in the chest.

The Seagull can easily adapt and live with people. Flocks often live near the fishermen’s huts and enjoy all the benefits granted to them. Based on this, one of many of this bird image values ​​in the form of a tattoo can be excellent communication skills , as well as its ability to adapt to different situations in life.

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Photos and designs

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