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Shark tattoo

In the traditional presentation of the shark is a solitary predator, a hunter unsurpassed. Sailors and residents of coastal areas of many countries refer to these bloodthirsty creatures as sacred idols, paying tribute to the power, speed and brutality of these fish. They are devoted to dozens of films, art books, epics, legends, even songs. What does the tattoo of a shark? On this score there are some opinions that are as follows.

The value of shark tattoo — fearlessness, sophisticated cunning, power and danger. Most often you can find a tattoo in the form of white shark — the largest birds in the family. In many Western countries, tattoos depicting sharks also symbolize success in business and professional affairs. The value of these paintings can be interpreted as success, love of freedom and determination.

It’s no secret that the inhabitants of the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean sea shark believe the spirit and worship of power and grace of these creatures. The tribes of the island peoples of the body of these fish are the attributes of the rites and sacred ordinances.

Today, tattoo shark is seen primarily as a symbol of freedom, strength and indomitable character. The image of this predator often can be found on the shoulder, thigh, lower leg, back and chest.

Let’s talk about the styles. Any picture can be drawn dozens of ways. We offer several variations of how to portray the shark. Apart from the usual options, interest is the black and white pictures, as well as the image patterns. Curious look and cartoonish interpretation. In a word — no style limitations here, invent your sketch tattoo shark, create, wear with pleasure!

тату рыба молот 1
Рыба мотот

Strength and rebelliousness


Freedom, dignity, intelligence

Photos and designs

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