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Ship tattoo meanings

Since ancient times, sea wolves applied tattoos are not just for decoration. These marks on the body of a sailor was allowed to identify after the collapse of the ship. Honors, which should correspond to the funeral of a sailor, always followed unquestioningly. Everyone who went to sea, in order to avoid confusion, had to have a tattoo.

The ship — a tattoo, known for its precise definitions concerning the significance. Overcoming Cape Horn, which is the most impassable for ships, sailors prick a picture of a sailboat. This means that the test passed.

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Representing a ship with a sail, going to the bottom, the sailors considered themselves no right to forget about unpredictable depths of the sea and rely on your luck. It is to attract luck stuffed sea wolves tattoos on their bodies. As for the symbolism of the prison, the value of the ship tattoo was quite prosaic. Such a pattern on the prisoner’s body could indicate thief on tour, craving to escape at all costs.

It is clear that the sea pirates are long gone, and the sea wolves no longer rely on the gods of the seas, to return home safely. Meanwhile, the ship has a tattoo of several symbolic meanings. Raised the sails on the ship depicted symbolize prosperity, a happy change, the search for the best. Such a pattern would be suitable for anyone who has to do with creativity. Meaning of tattoos is quest to change places, self-determination .

Three-dimensional raster decorations that complement the execution of the ship, suitable for constant, reliable men. Show a tattoo can be on any part of the body, each chooses the location of the image itself. Tattoo ship on foot very often do women seeking to emphasize the hips. The image is often applied to the front surface.

Picture with the image of a variety of ships makes it possible for a flight of imagination, as the customer, and the master who is capable to fulfill every wish of the customer. Therefore we offer to start watching our collection!

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Responsibility, commitment

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Sailing ship

Danger, adventurism

Photos and designs

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