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Skull tattoo meanings

The image of the skull is fairly universal value, so it is suitable for both women and for men. Depending on the color and other elements of the picture may intimidate, or cause concern to have a positive connotation. At any variations tattoo has a philosophical meaning of death and life. In this article we’ll show you how to successfully choose the photos and sketches for tattoos of the skull, and on what part of the body to put the image.

skull tattoo stands for chaos, danger and the transience of life . Players perceived as a symbol of despair and bikers, rockers and metallers associated with the risk and believe in its protective ability. They attach particular importance to death, trying to scare, to show that it is stronger.

Young men using underwear picture identifyed courage and decisive action. Make it clear to others that will not be afraid of life change.
In the criminal world, the value of the skull tattoo is also ambiguous: a person belongs to the thieves’ environment or seeking power. Skull punched sword — revenge his blood enemies, often designed to law enforcement authorities.


Meaning tattoo skull came to us from historical facts, legends of ancient tribes and religions. In Christianity, the image is forgiveness and honesty. According to legend, Jesus Christ washed his blood, the bones of Adam and thereby redeem the sins of mankind. Adam’s head — a popular symbol among the military and various special units


The ancient Celts believed that the skull is the soul of man, so kept the heads of their forefathers and courageous warriors. They believed that their wisdom, bravery and courage goes to its owner.

The Mayan priests frightened fellow jewelry bowl in the form of the skull, as if it is subject only to control evil. Shamans were confident that she is endowed with magical properties.

An interesting implication of a Mexican skull, which means rebirth, perseverance, a new life. In honor of the holiday of the Day of the Dead was coined sugar skull or the «Calavera». According to legend, on this day come down from heaven to earth the souls of dead children and adults. Mexicans greeted them with dancing, unrestrained fun and sweets. Calavera, the goddess of death, depict a woman with an elegant body, but instead of the head in her skull. Its flowers bloom Zenica, and eyelashes are like rose petals. Sugar skull stuffed in her arms, hip, shoulder or chest, often make the same figures on both sides. Sometimes portrayed half skull with skin that indicates the continuous cycle of life.

The value of a skull tattoo with rose and other elements

Awesome character with a flower and has different interpretations, depending on where the plant is located. skull tattoo with a rose — the unity of opposites: love, bloom life and death, the end of all living

If the plant is wound around the bone or the bottom, it means that its owner loved one has died.. If there is a flower in his mouth, it is a symbol of carelessness, the desire to live for pleasure, in the courage and drive. Sometimes such a composition is supplemented with wings or a halo. In the criminal world, breeches picture roses mean that a person met his 16 years in prison. Tattoo skull with a crown, impaled on his chest — the desire for power, but the Mexicans treat differently: better luck next life


If the eye socket of the skull with a snake crawls out, then it is a symbol of wisdom and immortality. Life is short and not worth it to waste, and the experience gained will remain on the ground.

A goat skull means courage, plenty of vitality, kindness and peace.
Skull and crossbones, which was applied to the pirate flag, the symbol of destruction, but with the fire — the courage and hatred. Pirate sign for a strong half — freedom and resistance to various twists of fate, the feeling of invincibility


Tattoo raven on the skull represents death and destruction, but also the value of the birds ambiguous. If it is portrayed near the nest or in the bright plumage — it is a sign of wisdom, longevity and family happiness


The meaning of the skull depends on its attractiveness: a good-natured outline — happiness and success, with a sullen and evil — hatred and death


Before the tattoo stuff are very clear on its value and what meaning it must bear. Consult with the master, in what form it is more suitable for your lifestyle. Remember, identical image of women and men can be interpreted in different ways


Where do tattoo skull?

The value of the skull does not change from its location on the body, such as a crown. However, it is good to think: whether you want to hide from prying eyes tattoo or make all on display. activities should take into account the attitude of your surroundings, because in the business world the skull on the hand or neck alarming and frightening.

In general, stuffed skull tattoo on his shoulder, but for large compositions with animals, flowers or various symbols is best spin. On it is very convenient to put the dense patterns. Skull elongated shape with curly flowers and plants, is more suited to girls. Popular places for such a picture — foot, lower leg or arm


Male area is considered wearable drawings ribs, abdomen, face, area behind the ears, some of the back. Girls stuffed skull tattoo on his leg or shoulder, back, in the chest, on any part of the hand. Effectively look colorful composition with intricate patterns on the thigh or calf. Pink and pearl shades give the girl femininity, originality and softness. Black and red color meant passion and sadness.

If the girl wears clothes with open neck, the skull with symmetrical wings or flowers will look very attractive, create an enigmatic image. Tattoos skull on his arm and thigh with bright colors, ornaments and climbing plants will look more impressive than on the back or the back of the head.

By selecting Picture, Best deal on a temporary body composition. So make sure you: do not spoil your image if it is, how effectively looks and it looks like in motion.

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