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Snake tattoo meanings

Tattoo snake fascinates with its beauty and symbolism. With the help of this article and exciting photos with thumbnails, you can choose the best picture with the best value.

In ancient times the snake respected, valued and regarded it as the center of the universe. Despite the unprepossessing appearance, admired her grace and beauty. The tribes were affected by the attack speed and snake instinctively, as if she could predict every step of his victim. Its venom treated, smeared arrowheads, that helps a lot in battle. If a person survived after the bite, it was believed that he was in another world.

Perhaps no predator was not so positive, in spite of its aggressiveness. Only with the advent of Christianity, the serpent tempted Eve was accused of and blamed for the fall of man made. However, tattoos this sense is not present. Biblical history gave her a new symbol (positive) knowledge, sexuality, seduction.


Each nation had its own idea of ​​the dangerous animals, so the value of the snake tattoo quite extensive:

  • The animal symbolizes eternity and the cyclical nature of life. According to Indian legends, when the heavens fall on earth, snakes severed two of the world, and still supports the cloud. The Aztecs thought that the two main god turned into a quirky animal and broke into two parts, a terrible monster. With one piece of land they have made, and with another — the sky. The Greeks believed that the cyclical nature of life and death meets Ouroboros. It is in the universe, and every day eats its own tail, and that constantly grows and is updated. This snake tattoo symbolizes eternity and constancy, and in Africa was the ancient symbol of the sun. If predator sheds its skin — a symbol of renewal and resurrection, rejuvenation and longevity . This image will make the person who decided to radically change his life, to revise values. Underwear picture fiery snake — a sign of purification or a good start
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  • Protection and safety symbol. The Indians believed that there is a path to the underworld, but the entrance is guarded by a snake-people. If to them to ask for help, they are sure to help. Perhaps beliefs and become the cause of a variety of posters. Animal twists around the ear — plant protection office, around the rod of God Hermes — a sign of trade, around the bowl — a symbol of medicine. Figure snakes can be a talisman, for example, the Ouroboros.

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  • fertility, feminine, symbol of home. The tattooed two serpents that entwine each other, causing a sign of strong love or friendship. The ancient tribes believed — a reptile can cause rain and protect their fields from the drought. The Indians worshiped the predator, it is assumed that it can rein in a storm or direct tailwind. In Egypt, the fertility goddess depicted with the head of a cobra. The animals were valued because they hunted rodents. For girls snake tattoo can be interpreted as sexuality, lust or femininity.

  • The symbol of the wisdom teachings. Snake was one of the attributes of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Predator portrayed with god-healer Asclepius and his daughter gig (the goddess of health). According to legend, the animal is taught doctors to raise the dead. She managed to crawl into the Garden of Eden, to persuade Eve to disobey God and eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Tattoo snake wound around the apple or rose, indicating that the owner can not resist the great temptation. An animal with a lion head — agility, strength, luck. Tattoo snake crawling up the cold steel, it means that the owner suffered a severe illness or a test. This picture says about spiritual and physical healing, and most often applied to the arm. The animal does not look aggressive and quietly creeping — a symbol of wisdom. A child with a predator represents the acquisition of heavenly life, harmony and freedom.

Cobra symbolizes power. In Egypt, the serpent image was applied to the forehead of Pharaoh, to emphasize his power in heaven and earth. Beliefs say that it protects the treasures, and its head is decorated with a jewel. The animal symbolizes protection, power, desire to control. Looks nice tattoo Cobra in the time of the attack, when the hood is opened, and with the mouth stick teeth. On a slightly different area of ​​the value if it is twisted around a dagger or knife, the picture is a sign of the king of thieves suit. If the animal’s head a crown, then the owner of revenge (killing). At the prison predator always symbolizes the danger.



snake tattoo looks nice in a realistic style, where each scale is drawn. Shades can be varied: gold, bright red, to make the animal more aggressive, green, coral, orange, greyish and black-and-white. The picture can be drawn symbolic or monochrome, in the Celtic style, in the form of rock paintings, or mascot, in tribal style.

snake tattoo looks great on the back, stomach or chest. If you choose the right thumbnail, you can emphasize the shape, muscle or thin waist. Well go out and small snakes, meanders along the legs, or large picture with many details and vivid colors. Attract attention wearable image in the Japanese style. You can depict the snake fight with animals , but the reptile should prevail, as it symbolizes the victory, the strength and dominance. If the victim overcomes predator, then it is a sign of weakness.

Snake tattoo for men — strength, courage, speed


Men often choose an image of the reptile at the time of the attack, basically a cobra, although rattlesnake is associated with courage and fearlessness as an attack victim warns. It is better to focus on the predator’s head: to spread a hood, to give flakes combative color, highlight the sharp fangs. It is undesirable to pay attention to its flexibility, as it can give the image of extra weight.

It is interesting to look snake tattoo on the forearm, shoulder and chest as her head breaks through the skin and comes out of the body. Curled up in the ring with dice or skull (is either death or rebirth) can be represented by an animal. Interestingly obtained figures with snake charmers, that holds a flute in his hands, vymanivaya animal out of the bag.

Good looks and a small snake ankle crawling up. For men who love the danger and power, you can choose a tattoo snake around his neck, as if she is trying to tighten the ring tighter. However, this picture is interesting to look breeches on the arm or leg.

Snake tattoo for girls — Grace, cunning and wisdom

Women tend to choose bright pictures of medium size. Interestingly look a snake tattoo on the blade when the predator creeping up the stem of a flower. Squirm predator emphasize the perfect line from the leg to the foot and knees or hips. Adds a graceful and mysterious figure in the form of a bracelet. It is interesting to look like a miniature snake around his neck, the side of the hands, between the shoulder blades.

Girls are better to focus on the flexibility and smoothness of the animal. Snake Tattoos at the bottom of the spine is feminine and sexy. According to the teachings of yoga, this place is the energy of the reptile. Most often, such a picture is selected smart, liberated, purposeful women who want to emphasize their mystique, or be under the protection of the snake.

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Peace, patience, longevity

Фото татуировки саламандра

Friendship, peace, compassion

Photos and designs

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