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Solstice tattoo meanings

The word «solstice» comes from the Old Slavonic language and means solstice. This day is very important for the life of the ancient Slavs. They celebrated this day as a celebration of the birth of the sun. Slavs treated with awe to all elements of nature, and the sun is particularly revered. The pagans worshiped the sun, the center of all his thought and the basis of existence. Life Slavs strongly dependent on the sun, on its cycles of weather conditions, which is why all the forces of nature were worshiped sacred. Solstice — one of the most ancient sacred symbol of the Slavs. It is depicted as a circle with curved beams.

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The basis being up seasons that change as the sun turns. The light of heaven was considered a symbol of fertility and the beginning of all life. Solstice represents the constant movement and variability , creation, life cycles, which are constantly changing.

The value of the tattoo solstice depends on how much the rays shown in tattoos. Four beams symbolize the heavenly fire, the symbol of the six rays of Perun, the supreme god of the Slavs, the eight rays of the sun reflect the force of fire.

Solstice — this is probably the only tattoo that in male and female performance varies considerably. The difference is that in which direction beams directed movement. Women beams are arranged clockwise and in males — vice versa. In the first case, the tattoo symbolizes growth, improvement, new life stage. Men tattoo — a symbol of male energy, the return to the beginning. It is believed that this tattooed able to increase virility.

To tattooing is mainly used black paint, but there are options with a white or red rays. Drawing can be simple and contain additional patterns and ornaments. Application solstice takes a lot of time not. It is best tattoo looks on the chest, back and shoulder. Much less a tattoo is applied to the neck.

The image of the sun — a powerful talisman that protects the owner from the troubles and misfortunes, helping to find a solution in difficult situations, gives strength and vitality, especially when it is necessary. It is believed that the tattoo solstice protects fragile happiness and contributes to its strengthening. The symbol of masculinity and femininity contribute to the development of harmonious and happy relationships in the union.

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Photos and designs

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