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Space tattoo meanings

Space has always attracted a person of his not knowing. Perhaps that is why the tattoo space choose for themselves nature dreamy, romantic , tend to see things in a more than ordinary people.

On the other hand, space is not alien and realists, because that is what the vast expanse of the world symbolizes the mind and order. People who prefer the space is a tattoo definitely have a rich inner world.

Sketches tattoo style «space» can be quite different. Women are more likely to choose the image of the moon or stars. It is not surprising, because in ancient times, they were a symbol of femininity (take the female cycle, which is calculated in accordance with the phases of the moon). Men near a solar theme, which embodies the power of life and fertility.

фото тату космос 14-best-tattoos-to-explore-space-with-13 21 50 фото космической татуировки

Meaning of tattoos in the style of «space» with the image of stars can be different:

  • tattoo space on the man’s hand in a stellar track, for example, will mean strength and luck;
  • women who choose such an image, often invest in it more romantic sense — eternal love and happiness
  • .

In addition, each person can invest in a particular image some its meaning, based on the life experiences and personal associations.

Tattoo sleeves in «space» style is often made in the form of any specific constellations or planets, each of which has its importance and influence on the destiny of man. Another frequent place for tattooing space — is back. Men choose large-scale paintings with many items, the woman is often limited to smaller designs.

It should be noted that a small star on her wrist as a symbol of representatives of the homosexual.

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Photos and designs

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