52 Star Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Star tattoo meanings

Stars at all times served as a beacon pointing the way to travelers. The Star — a sign that helps find your way in the dark. It is noteworthy that the star has different definitions and interpretations in the different religions and nationalities.


The value of a star tattoo on the body can mean several things. The owner of a tattoo on the one hand, describes itself as a mysterious, romantic nature, and on the other — strong and strong-willed . Thus, the value of a tattoo depends on what the owner has invested in it. Let us dwell on the kinds of stars.

Not only common four-pointed star is a symbol of wandering, it shows the way. The most usual alternative is a five-pointed star. Someone takes a picture as a way to transmit cosmic energy, someone puts in it a religious meaning.

Tattoo in the form of a Star of David (the six-pointed star, composed of two superposed equilateral triangles, top — top up, bottom — top down) — Jewish symbol. Of course, such a picture could be a reference to the soldiers of King David, on billboards where according to legend, adorned this symbol, but it is assumed that the six-pointed star is depicted on the flag of the State of Israel, means belonging to this nation and the Jewish culture.

seven-pointed star ( septagramma ) represents the mystical side of the human soul. Septagramma may be a reference to the ancient Jewish symbols. Number 7 in many cultures is a symbol of good luck. Octagram — eight-pointed star — a symbol of abundance. Ng — nine pointed star refers to the nine myths of Norse mythology and may indicate fertility.

Photos and designs

In addition to the star shape, important are also some other options. For example the value of tattoos starfish binds the owner lives to the sea. Red Star (like the one that dominates the Moscow Kremlin) — a symbol of the USSR and the Russian Red Army or sign


In my opinion, today tattooing the stars are more aesthetic decoration. In almost every case, they look cute, give the host or hostess a special mystique and a certain charm. Symmetrical star on the clavicles, a lonely little star on the wrist and a star trail on the back (eg, Rihanna tattoo on the back ) — variants such tattoo is really a lot. For the artist, in this case, the main thing — the symmetry of the parties and the clarity of lines


So, take a look popular sketches and photos of tattoo in the form of stars, and then choose the one you like. What is your attitude to the stars on your hands? Write in the comments!

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