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Statue of liberty tattoo meaning

Today we have prepared something interesting for you. I am sure that you are well aware of the statue of liberty — a woman with a torch to hand, rising in the heart of the largest metropolis in the world. It is a true symbol of the United States, not only decorate one of the most densely populated and economically developed cities in the world, but is considered part of the global cultural heritage.

Without further explanation it is clear that the classical value tattoo Statue of Liberty — the same freedom, equality and traditions of the American people. This could finish the article, if it were not for one thing.

An interesting fact: in the last decade, tattoos with the statue of liberty makes less and less Americans, more representatives of other countries. At what value such a tattoo is not the same as usual! We have tried to collect the most interesting versions of this painting for you and tell a little about each.

The Statue of Liberty with weapons

It is often possible to meet the tattoo with the image of the Statue of Liberty holding a weapon or banknotes. This symbol expresses protest to the US government, which is often accused of interfering in the affairs of other countries, irresponsible conducts monetary policy and so on. We are far from the policy, but the idea of ​​this performance, we are impressed!

Фото тату статуи свободы на бокуТатуировка статуя свободы на животе

Statue of Liberty in the background

The picture on the background of the flag is considered to be the most classic patriotic tattoo sketch with a statue of freedom, traditional American values to praise. It only remains to add that in addition to the realistic tattoos, you can consider using other styles. In particular, we offer to evaluate the option to old school!

Тату статуя свободы на плече Красочная татуировка статуя свободы

Other options

In this section we have collected some interesting studies in which a well-known monument is drawn into unnatural positions and unusual objects. View of a portion of organic matter in the body of the statue, hands covering the face, inscriptions and other details — all this gives the tattoo connotations


It is necessary to show you our extensive gallery of photos and sketches tattoo Statue of Liberty and to know your opinion — what do you think about that? Write in the comments!

тату эйфелева башня 1
Eiffel tower

Freedom, creativity, sophistication

Bones and cards

The risk, adrenaline, excitement

Интересная тату статуя свободы Значение татуировки статуя свободы

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Photos and designs

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