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Stork tattoo

Since ancient times this bird was considered the guardian of the hearth, warmth and comfort in the house. Amulets in the form of a stork have been called to give the family peace and prosperity. The fact that almost no fear stork people settle and in close proximity to human houses. In addition, every year they return to breeding for one and the same place. People who choose a tattoo in the form of a stork, tend to a constancy and fidelity. It’s kind of indelible charm, which will close permanently.

According to Christian tradition, one day God told Eve son throw a bag in the sea, forbidding look inside. Yet he was very curious, like his mother, because not resist and opened the bag. Inside were vile worms and snakes, which immediately captivated all around. And then the Lord to punish the careless boy turned into a stork, telling him to clear the land from the contamination (which symbolize and worms).

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Meaning tattoo with the image of a stork may vary depending on, in terms of how to interpret the culture of his. However, the general meaning is the same: Stork protects people from bad , clears the mind from evil thoughts and gives families peace and prosperity. Some legends confer stork ability to bring good luck. In addition, it is believed that the storks — harbingers of a baby, a new life.

Consequently, this bird also symbolizes the eternal renewal of life. In addition, at different times of storks attributed to:

  • ability to protect against disease;
  • give fertility;
  • promote the birth of healthy and strong children;
  • to bring good luck and wealth.

Stork is also considered a symbol of spring, it also reminds us of the update and the birth of new life . In the east, the bird gave parents as a sign of reverence and respect for the older generation.

Selecting sketch

If you decide that your constant companion must be exactly the stork, the first to determine the place of drawing the image, as well as its size. Too little bird will not look very good, ideal — a complete picture on the back or biceps

Please note that tattoo stork usually complex in execution, so make sure you select a master skilled enough.

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