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Sun tattoo meaning

Sun — one of those characters that are present in the culture of every people since ancient times. It is a source of light and heat, it’s not possible to live without the sun. Some peoples have preserved the sun worship to this day. Such a powerful and ancient symbol just could not be the subject of tattoos and tattoo today in the form of the sun — it is not uncommon


The main significance of the sun tattoo — fertility, warmth and light . Without it there is no life, it lights the way and is an inexhaustible source of energy. Shining image became one of the first drawings made by man. Such artistry found in ancient caves. With the development of the world’s religions and cultures, the sun began to sing in the legends and associate with the gods. Perhaps the greatest value of this symbol was given in ancient Egypt, where he was associated with the supreme god Ra , the patron of the pharaohs.

In the ancient civilization of the Aztecs the sun meant the freedom and power of the spirit. Japanese goddess Amaterasu, as well as the patroness of women and snakes depicted and associated with this symbol. Of course, in our history, you can also find many references to the luminary. For example, the ancient Slavs-pagans thought the sun a symbol of power and wisdom .

It is for these qualities Novgorod prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, in which Russia was baptized, received the nickname of «Red Sun». The beloved by many Celtic culture tattoo sun would have a value of unity of land and sky.


By the way, from previous articles we already know about the big propagation Celtic tattoos. For those who still do not know, I recommend to read a separate article. So, Celtic and Polynesian tattoo sun also received widespread among modern fans body painting. There it is shown how to weave the flames. Sometimes people are looking for value tattoos black sun, so, as a rule, it does not eclipse the image, namely the Celtic version of tattoos. Of particular importance are phenomena such as sunrise and sunset.

You must have seen that the sun is the same and is often portrayed as the only element of the drawing, and in conjunction with others. You can find such stories as the sunrise and sunset. Sunrise — awakening symbol of new life, the dawn. This tattooed gives strength and energizes. She attributes the rules are diverging rays of the sun. Sunset — not only a sign of wilting or decay. It symbol of rebirth, cyclicity, harmony. When in one place comes the time of sunset, the other — the sunrise


The tattoo in the form of the sun refers to those subjects that are pertinent to the body of any person, shall be exclusively positive energy. What style and design sun tattoo will suit you?

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