43 Sunflower Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Sunflower tattoo meanings

For most people, the sunflower is presented as a symbol of the sun. Anyone who looks at this flower, experiencing only positive emotions. Since ancient times, a tattoo of a sunflower as a symbol of strong love, as well as a unifying element for people who could not live without each other.

In Chinese culture, the value of a sunflower tattoo would be considered as part of a happy and long life. I read this symbol in Christianity. He personified a man who truly believes in God and talks with him through prayer. Thus, this image is suitable for people who find religion an integral part of his life. It is also a sunflower on the body will to get a good career .

In the modern sense of the tattoo, on which there is a plant that symbolizes:

  • loyalty;
  • gratitude;
  • eternal memory;
  • happiness.
  • sunflower-03 тату подсолнух sunflower-012 sunflower-021 sunflower-022

    Larger sunflower will mean fidelity, small picture will symbolize worship. Pair execution pattern becomes a protective talisman for two people in love. This image will be stored dedication of men and women for life. That is why the image of this flower was previously used during wedding ceremonies.

    Sketch of tattoo sunflower well suited for either sex, especially for those people who experiencing a strong sense of love and are ready to give yourself to another person for a lifetime. The image will look equally good on the back, forearm and chest. Master does drawing, using bright colors to flower attracted the attention of others. Align image of a sunflower image of ladybirds, butterflies and other flowers.

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    Photos and designs

    sunflower-031 sunflower-032 sunflower-041 sunflower-042 Sunflowers-Tattoos-391 татуировка подсолнуха sunflower-tattoo-meaning-meaning-sunflower-tattoo-14241 tattoos-for-girls-on-hip-stars-5310 tatu_cvety-320 25bg 149697_112813935552893_1458017710_n 577807_570620363016564_929740876_n 599226_4364688288795_796450335_n 1234661_201073706740305_860510753_n 1470163_598723676849145_98187548_n 1502258_570620339683233_1978650886_o 10428503_722985691081378_7658844540397574030_n 25520388 696750149106744102_197313405 aycicegi-dovmesi-sunflower-tattoo-103 DSC_0035 itattooz-feedback-11 татуировка подсолнух фото тату подсолнух

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